Department Seminars

Year: 2020-2021 Semester A+B Thursday, 12:00-13:30, room 53.2.09

Coordinator: Dr. Doron Klunover

SemesterDateLecturesThe subject of the lecture
Semester A5.11Prof. Abraham Diskin, The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem“הערות על תורת המשחקים”
Semester A26.11Dr. Guy Itzchakov, University of Haifa 
Semester A10.12Arevik Gnutzmann-Mkrtchyan, Hanover UTBA
Semester A17.12Adv.Merav Malcman, The College of Management Academic StudiesTBA
Semester A31.12 Mr. Avi Isreal , Ben-Gurion University of the Negev TBA
Semester A7.1.21Prof. Omer Moav, University of Warwick & Timokin School of Economics, IDC HerzliyaTBA
Semester B18.3Prof. Yoav Ganzach, Ariel UniversityTBA
Semester B22.4TBA 
Semester B13.5Dr. Eyal Rechter, Ono Academic College 
Semester B3.6TBA 
Semester B10.6Poster conference 

Academic year: 2019-2020
Room: 51.3.51
Coordinator: Doron Klunover

wdt_ID Semester Date Lectures Title

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