Masters of Business Administration – MBA

Department Chair: Professor Shmuel Stashevsky

The Master of Business Administration program allows BA graduates to continue their education in management, preparing them for managerial positions in business, public and governmental institutions and NGOs. The program is designed to instill a professional integrative view based on academic principles of the various fields of management. The program follows accepted MBA curricula offered at leading business schools in Israel and abroad.

The program encompasses 44 academic hours at the graduate level to be completed over the period of 12, 15 or 21 months, depending on the student’s choice. When planning their schedules, students should take into account that, on average, every class hour requires an additional hour of home study. Students can combine work with studies since the classes are held on Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings. In addition, students should be aware that most of the required reading is in English, and that English reading and writing skills are necessary.