Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Ariel University


About the department

Head of Department:Prof. Monika Pinhas
Coordinator of the Program for Advanced Degrees:Prof. Yosef Pinhasi
Department office:03-9066279/614
Academic Consultation:03-9066176/177
Academic registration and advise:
Mrs. Edna Shenhar (B.Sc.)nmnl27@ariel.ac.il
Mrs. Orit Ekmakes  (M.Sc.)nmnl18@ariel.ac.il

The field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering deals with research, design, production and development of electrical and electronic equipment, as well as applied research of physical, electrical and electronic phenomena for the development of components and technological development systems that directly affect society and the global economy. Electrical engineering focuses on the transfer of energy, and electronic engineering deals with the transmission of information.

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is one the first departments established at Ariel University. It offers B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees.

Graduates of the department successfully integrate into hi-tech companies, the private and public sectors, defense industries, etc. and continuing academic studies for advanced degrees.

Ariel University features a special dual program that combines electrical and electronic engineering studies with physics studies, enables outstanding students to earn two B.Sc degrees simultaneously. This unique program offers advantages both in advanced studies and in the employment market, empowering graduates to integrate both as physicists and engineers.

In addition, the department works in close cooperation with a wide range of concerns in the Israeli economy, such as the Israel Electric Corporation. As one of several universities involved in this joint program, Ariel University offers a unique study track designed for IEC employees in which they earn a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering through a program aimed at qualifying them in the field of high voltage power systems. Upon completion of this four-semester program, graduates are qualified to register in the Engineers’ Registry, and may continue for a master’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering at Ariel University.



The department’s senior faculty is involved in research of unique theoretical and experimental scientific fields. The department has received a wide range of research grants for subjects including wireless communication and remote sensing, whispering optics, optical fiber communication, integration of optoelectronics in medicine for diagnostics and curing, pro-cathode cathode, and development of Homeland Security technologies.