About Ariel University

About Ariel University
A New Spirit in Higher Education

A 21st century university rooted in ancient history

Ariel University, originally established as a small college in 1982, was officially recognized as a full research university in 2012, making it Israel’s newest university. It is evolving into a major institution of research and higher education.

The university’s bold new spirit is flowing from the Land of Israel, the home of the Bible, into the heart of academia. Ariel University presents a fresh perspective on contemporary Zionism and strives to revive the values of nation-building through dedication to excellence in science and research and championing social challenges.

The immense potential of the Israeli people is creating a new generation of innovators with special attention to the absorption of new immigrants and Israeli scientists returning from abroad. Ariel University’s attachment to Israel is strengthened by a unique structured academic program for all students who can choose courses from a wide range of topics dealing with Jewish heritage and the Land of Israel.

Ariel University at a glance

16,000 students and 450 senior faculty members represent the full spectrum of Israeli society: Jews and Arabs, secular and observant, new immigrants and native-born Israelis.

Faculties and schools

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Our Vision

The fabric of Israeli society continues to become more complex from day to day. Its basic diversity, while providing a rich panorama of cultural expression, also opens the door to alienation and tension among different population groups. Ariel University strives to play a meaningful role in mending the gaps between these groups and provide new opportunities for all its students to realize their personal potential to the fullest.

  • To be a world-leading, multidisciplinary university.
  • To be a leading university in higher education and culture, preparing the future leaders of Israel.
  • To be an academic center that influences and strengthens the region culturally, socially and economically.
  • To be a center of research and teaching excellence attracting students and scientists from around the world.
  • To cultivate and encourage diversified communities of students and academics.

Research & Development

Pioneering research and development in diverse fields for a healthier world and a safer environment, for Israel and the world

From its inception, Ariel University has integrated research and development into its prime goal of educating the next generation. Back when Israel’s main exports were still agricultural, the founders of the AU foresaw the great potential of science and technology for future development of the country. The influx of newcomers from the former Soviet Union in the 1990s presented great opportunity. Harnessing the creativity and knowledge of Russian-trained scientists, AU ventured into new fields of endeavor.

Technology Incubator

Ariel University’s award-winning technological Incentive Incubator has an exceptional track record of nurturing seed-stage companies to success. Incentive acts as the seed arm of Peregrine Ventures and co-invests with leading local and international VCs and funds.

Research Centers

Over 20 research centers, including:


Opportunity for All

With over 16,000 students, including many international post-doctoral fellows, and over 400 faculty members, Ariel University represents the full spectrum of Israeli society: Jews and Arabs, secular and observant, new immigrants and native-born Israelis.

Ariel University is committed to providing students every advantage possible to achieve a quality education. Several programs have been developed for helping students to integrate into academic and campus life:

  • A unique program at Ariel University integrates students on the high-functioning Autistic Spectrum into higher education. Initiated and developed by researchers from the Department of Communication Disorders, the program operates under the department’s guidance by the Student Services Center. Participants study a regular curriculum with the help of fellow “buddy” students, providing them the opportunity to fulfill their potential for academic study, thereby acquiring a profession and the ability to enter the workforce.
  • AU is proud to have the largest number of students from the Ethiopian community among all institutions of higher education in Israel. Special assistance is available to those who need.
  • A special preparatory “Mechina” program helps students who wish meet the prerequisite levels for regular studies. Upon successful completion of the program, Mechina graduates are eligible to enroll in the faculty of their choice.