Academic Schedule

12018-201914/10/18Fall Semester 2019 begins
22018-201930/10/18Municipal election day – Campus closed
32018-201911/1/2019Last day of Fall Semester
42018-201914/01/19 – 10/02/19
11/02/19 – 25/02/19
Exam period Fall Semester
52018-201926/2/2019First day of Spring Semester
62018-201920/03/19 – 22/03/19Purim vacation
72018-201919/04/19 – 26/04/19Passover vacation
82018-201928/4/2019Classes resume
92018-201908/05/19 – 09/05/19Memorial Day and Independence Day
102018-201928/05/2019Student Day

Municipal election day – Campus closed – Completion of the classes for this day will be held on the completion day, Sunday 13/01/19

During the day of Chanukah- Classes will be suspended between 4:45pm-5:15pm for the candle-lighting ceremony, Classes will resume after the ceremony.

Holocaust Remembrance eve –Wednesday 01/05/2019. Classes will end at 6:30pm.

Holocaust Remembrance Day – Thursday 02/05/2019. Between 9:45-10:30am, a memorial ceremony will be held. Classes will resume after the ceremony.

Memorial Day – Tuesday 07/05/2019. Between 10:30-11:15am a memorial ceremony will be held, Classes will resume after the ceremony, and will end at 6:30pm.

Student Day eve– Monday 27/05/19. Classes will end at 5:00pm.

*The university reserves the right to change the Academic Calendar.