Phone Book

Presidents Office
Prof. Yehuda DanonPresidentPhone:
Mr. Yigal Cohen OrgadChancellorPhone:
Adv Marc ZellChairman Executive CommitteePhone:
Mr. Yossi FogelResearch Assistant to the ChancellorPhone: 074-7296747
Mobile Phone: 052-4445004
Ms. Doria RechesPersonal Assistant to the President & Head of the Office of the President&Secretary, Board of TrusteesPhone: 03-9371-415
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-407
Ms. Ravit GilbertSecretary, Office of the PresidentPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9067-440
Public Relations
Ms. Cohen Yehezkeli NaamaHead of Public RelationsPhone: 03-6543-979
Mobile Phone: 054-3231-665
Ms. Merav Kalik LernerPhone:
Ms. Naama PaskaPhone: 074-7296-812
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-897
Phone: 03-6453114
Mobile Phone: 050-3766881
Ms. Jaimi GreenspanPhone: 03-6543-993
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-227
Phone: 03-6543-976
Mobile Phone: 054-5620-738
mr. Elad EtzionPhone: 074-7296-616
Mobile Phone: 054-2170123
Ms. Shani Ben HarooshPhone: 074-7296-616
Mobile Phone: 052-3933133
Rectors Office
Prof. Michael ZinigradRectorPhone:
Ms. Limor EdenHead of the Rector's OfficePhone: 03-9066-138
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-401
Ms. Ayelet Zarbiv AvrahamSecreteryPhone:
Ms. Moran RaichmanPhone: 03-9371-427
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-273
Ms. Galit YosefiCoordinatorPhone:
Michal DeslivaPhone:
Phone: 03-6453-103
FaxPhone: 03-9765-716
Vice-Rectors Office
Prof. Mally Shechory- BittonVice-RectorPhone:
Ms. vered WisebroteVice rectors' secretaryPhone:
Ms. Yael TzurPhone: 03-9371-419
Mobile Phone: 054-7766-397
Academic Secretary's Office
Ms. Shifra VaisAcademic secretaryPhone: 03-9066-275
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-701
Phone: 039371405
Mobile Phone: 0547740203
Ms.Budget operatorPhone:
Mr. Roee WeitmanWebsite ManagerPhone:
Mrs. Hanna SimanskyEnglish Website EditorPhone: 03-9143081
Mobile Phone: 054-6002157
Registration and Acceptance Division
Ms. Sagit ZeviPhone:
Ms. Lea Pik CohenAdmissions coordinatorPhone:
Ms. Elana FeldmanRegistration coordinatorPhone:
Mrs. Arvel SteinPhone:
Phone: il
FaxPhone: 03-9066-278
Graduates Section
Alumni CoordinatorPhone:
Curriculum Division
Ms. Sarit WeisHead of Academic Program DivisionPhone: 03-9066-354
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-219
Ms. Hila CohenAcademic Program CoordinatorPhone:
Exams Division
Exams coordinator- Multi-linePhone:
Phone: 03-9066-105
FaxPhone: 03-9076-584
FaxPhone: 03-6419-854
Mr. Vladimir YunaevTraining CoordinatorPhone: 03-9060-726
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-283
Ms. Larisa BatsevitskySocial CoordinatorPhone: 03-6312-539
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-859
Disciplinary Committee
Disciplinary CommitteePhone: 03-371-466
Phone: 03-9758-924
Science Oriented Youth
Ms. Fishbain YaelUnit ManagerPhone: 03-9758-942
Mobile Phone: 054-2478900 
Phone: 074-7233032
Mobile Phone: 054-9401771
Phone: 03-9076520
Mobile Phone: 052-4895880
Phone: 03-9076567
Mobile Phone: 050-7466565
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Prof. Elazar LeshemDean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and HumanitiesPhone: 03-9076-520
Ms.Head of Faculty AdministrationPhone:
Adi LifshitzPhone:
Ms. amit AradFaculty CoordinatorPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9371-479
Department of Economics and Business Administration
Dr. Idit Solberg-YutavDepartment ChairPhone:
Phone: 03-9076-502
Phone: 03-9076-502
Prof.Head of M.A. ProgramPhone: 03-9765-730
Professor Gidon YanivSenior
Prof. Jeffrey KantorSenior FacultyPhone:
Prof. Talia EinhornSenior FacultyPhone: 03-9165-751
mr. Zeev ShtodinerSenior
Dr. Shalom LevySenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Hayiel HinoSenior FacultyPhone:
Mrs. Galit Klayn-LibermanSenior
Dr. Limor GonenSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Galy BinyaminSenior FacultyPhone:
Batia Ben HadorSenior
Mrs. Eleonora ShkolnikSenior Faculty
Dr. Ronit ItshakiSenior
Dr. Shula PessachSenior
Dr. Baruch MorSenior FacultyPhone:
mr. Doron KlonoverSenior Faculty
Dr. Doron GreenbergSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Roi TausigSenior
Dr. Idit Solberg-YutavSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Klein IsraelSenior
Dr. Daniel ShifmanSenior FacultyPhone:
Kobi InbarSenior
Dr. Arie NachmiasSenior FacultyPhone:
accountant Eitan DrorSenior FacultyPhone:
Simha LevSenior
mr. Amitai TaubSenior Faculty
Mr. Yosef FogelSenior FacultyPhone:
Mrs. Avia AtikHead StaffPhone:
Ms. Rivka MadmoniStudents CoordinatorPhone:
Mrs. Victoria Ovadia PolakPhone:
Heli LeviPhone:
Anat HazumPhone:
Ms. Mital CohenStudents CoordinatorPhone:
Nitzan GunitzkiPhone: 03-9066-399
Ms.Students CoordinatorPhone: 03-9066-391
FaxPhone: 03-9066-658
Department of Behavioral Sciences
Prof. Samuel SahkiDepartment
Prof. Eitan EladSenior FacultyPhone:
Prof. Nitza DavidovichSenior FacultyPhone: 03-9066-103
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-431
Prof. Hadassah Litman OvadiaSenior
Prof. Daniella MargalitSenior
Dr. Yaniv MamaSenior
Dr. Oren LiorSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Gadi ZerachSenior
Dr. Aryeh LazarSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Eliane ZommerfeldSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Ariela GigiSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Abirah RiezerSenior FacultyPhone:
Ms. Sara ElefantStudents CoordinatorPhone:
Phone: 03-9076-555
FaxPhone: 03-9066-629
School of Social Work
Prof. Elazar LesemHead of SchoolPhone:
Dr. Ester ZychlinskiHead of Undergraduate StudiesPhone:
Dr. Patricia Tal-KatzCoordinator of career change programPhone:
Dr. Yona BreslerHead of Graduate StudiesPhone:
Ms.Head of the field teaching
Prof.Senior Faculty
Prof. Yaira Hamama- RazSenior FacultyPhone:
Senior FacultyPhone: 03-9066-676
Dr. Osnat LavendaSenior
Dr. Maya KaganSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Etti Bar shuaSenior
Dr. Lea ZanbarSenior
Senior Faculty
Mobile Phone: 050-6211-188
Senior FacultyPhone: 03-9066-678
Ms. Tami RomiSenior FacultyPhone: 03-9066-678
Miss. Sharon KatzirPractical Traning CoordinatorPhone:
Ms. Shaked MeyzlesSenior SecretaryPhone:
Mrs. vainberger meravGraduate Students CoordinatorPhone:
Secretery of field instructon unitPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9066-359
Department of Israel and Middle Eastern Studies
Dr. Ronen A. CohenDepartment ChairPhone:
Mrs. Anna RevenkovStudents AdvisorPhone:
Dr. Gadi HitmanSenior
Dr. Dan NaorSenior
Amalya HaskleSenior
Dr. Erez CohenSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Bosmat YefetSenior
Dr.Senior Faculty
Dr. Eyal LevinSenior
Dr. Hila Peled - ShapiroSenior
Dr. Chen FriedbergSenior
FaxPhone: 03-9066-249
Department of Jewish Studies
Prof. Abraham Ofir ShemeshDepartment ChairPhone:
Prof. Shapira AmnonSenior FacultyPhone:
Prof.Senior Faculty
Prof. Ortsion BartanaHead of M.A. ProgramPhone:
Prof. Yossi GoldshteinSenior FacultyPhone:
Prof. Reuven EnochSenior FacultyPhone:
Prof. Max ShternSenior FacultyPhone:
Prof. Leah MakovetskySenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Uri ZurSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. David RotsteenSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Elena RimonSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Yonatan AdlerSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Itzhaq ShaiSenior
Dr. Arnon IshaySenior
Dr. Meir SeidlerSenior FacultyPhone: 03-9066-368
Dr. Ofra Matzov-CohenSenior FacultyPhone:
Senior Faculty
Dr. Tamar Salmon- MackSenior
Dr.Senior Faculty
Anna AvisarGraduate Students CoordinatorPhone: 03-9066-307
FaxPhone: 03-9066-612
Department of Multi-Disciplinary Studies and the Humanities
Doctor Oren AckernannDepartment ChairPhone: 03-9765-728
Mobile Phone: 050-7960114
Mr. Ami GaliliSenior Students CoordinatorPhone: 03-9066-299
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-716
Ms. Nayalie FogelStudents CoordinatorPhone:
Ms. keren golanStudent CoordinatorPhone:
Student CoordinatorPhone:
Ms.Students CoordinatorPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9371-404
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Dr. Uzi Ben ShalomDepartment ChairPhone:
Prof. Udi LebelSenior
Prof. Miriam BilligSenior
Dr.Senior Faculty
Dr. Eitan OrkibiSenior
Dr. Moshe LeviSenior
Dr. Roni MashSenior
Dr. Mira MosheSenior
Student CoordinatorPhone: 03-9765-758
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-782
Department of Criminology
Prof. Mally Shechory BitonDepartment ChairPhone:
Dr. Bonny Bonny NoachSenior
Dr. Keren Cohen-LouckSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Yael AviadSenior FacultyPhone:
Ms. Maytal SulimanDepartment CoordinatorPhone:
Ms.Department CoordinatorPhone:
Phone: 03-9755-840
Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology
Prof. Davd Ben ShlomoDepartment
Prof. Itzhaq ShaiFaculty MembersPhone:
Dr. Aviram RavitskyFaculty MembersPhone:
Dr. Amir MashiachFaculty MembersPhone:
Doctor Oren AckernannFaculty MembersPhone: 03-9765-728
Mobile Phone: 050-7960114
Department of Accounting
Prof. Jeffrey KantorDepartment ChairPhone:
Accountant Chen ShashoPhone:
Mrs. Moriah PopovskyStudents CoordinatorPhone:
Hundreds of real estate Department
Mr. Yaakov OdishSenior
Ms. Dina WeissSenior Students CoordinatorPhone: 03-9066-149
FaxPhone: 03-9765-742
Faculty of Engineering
Prof. Shraga ShovalDean of Faculty of EngineeringPhone:
Ms. Ravit LeviHead of Faculty AdministrationPhone:
Ms. Yaffa RozenbergCoordinator of FacultyPhone:
Anat GefenCoordinator of FacultyPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9066-654
Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
Department ChairPhone:
Prof. Chanan GlezerSenior FacultyPhone:
Prof. Shraga ShovalSenior
Dr. Michael ManevichSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Michael HassounSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Oren MusicantSenior
Dr. Revital DanochSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Inon ZuckermanSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Nir ShvalbSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Michael WagnerSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Lihi DerySenior FacultyPhone:
Senior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Dror HermelSenior FacultyPhone:
Mr.Senior FacultyPhone:
Senior Faculty
Ms. Chavatzelet SemoPhone: 03-9066-218
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-703
Students CoordinatorPhone:
Ms. Iris RonenStudents CoordinatorPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9066-322
mr. Amir Biton
Mobile Phone: 052-3611266
Second Degree Students Coordinator -Robotics and Human Factors EngineeringPhone:
Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics
Professor Monica PinchasDepartment ChairPhone:
Prof. Yosef PinhasiHead of M.A. ProgramPhone:
Prof. Gady GolanSenior Faculty
Mobile Phone: 054-6002-914
Prof. Er'el GranotSenior FacultyPhone:
Prof. Anatoly LipskySenior FacultyPhone:
Professor Aharon FriedmanSenior FacultyPhone: 03-9758-979
Mobile Phone: 054-7701-314
Prof. Asher YahalomSenior FacultyPhone: 074-7296-199
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-294
Prof. Grigory AgranovichSenior FacultyPhone:
Prof. Joseph B. BernsteinSenior FacultyPhone: 074-7296-934
Mobile Phone: 052-5759-301
Prof. Shmuel SchachamSenior FacultyPhone:
Prof. Moshe EinatSenior FacultyPhone:
Prof. Joel RatsabySenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Arie ReichmanSenior
Dr. Eliyahu FarberSenior FacultyPhone:
Professor Amir AbramovichSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. David AbookasisSenior FacultyPhone:
Professor Yuri LurieSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Yuri GorodetskiSenior
Dr. Neda MitevaSenior FacultyPhone:
Professor Monica PinchasSenior FacultyPhone:
mr. Oz LivnePhone: 03-9066-350
Mobile Phone: 052-5554688
mr. Daniel Rozban
Mobile Phone: 054-8115126
mr. Alexander FayerPhone:
mr. Yafim LockshinPhone:
Mr. Meir BuskilaEngineer Department of Electrical and ElectronicsPhone: 03-9066-240
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-706
Ms. Orit CohenDepartment SecretaryPhone:
Ms. Galit LeviCoordinator BAPhone:
Ms. Orit GlamStudents CoordinatorPhone:
Ms. Edna ShenharStudents CoordinatorPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9066-238
Department of Chemical Engineering
Prof. Marina NisnevitchDepartment ChairPhone:
Prof. David WolfHead of M.A. ProgramPhone:
Engineer DepartmentPhone: 03-9143-080
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-739
Dr. Yaacov AnkerPhone:
Doctor Elyashiv Drori
Mobile Phone: 054-3231686
Prof. Michael FirerPhone:
Prof. Michael ZinigradPhone:
Prof. Barak
Prof. Marina NisnevitchPhone:
Prof. Edward BormashenkoPhone:
Dr. Gad PinhasiPhone:
Dr. Konstantin BorodianskiyPhone:
Prof. Ilya PolishukPhone:
Alex LugovskoyPhone: 03-9066-785
Mobile Phone: 050-4780-271
Dr. Faina NakonechnyPhone:
Dr. Yael AlboPhone:
Dr. Svetlana LugovskoyPhone:
Dr. Rivka CahanPhone:
Dr. Theodor ShternPhone:
Phone: 03-9066-313
Mobile Phone: 054-4676346
FaxPhone: 03-9066-323
Mrs. Dorit ZurPhone: 074-7296-313
Mobile Phone: 054-6961256
Yikrat BarkaiPhone:
Ms. Olga TsennySecond Degree Students CoordinatorPhone:
Department of Civil Engineering
Dr. Mati EdenDepartment ChairPhone:
Prof. Yaakov IskhakovPhone:
Prof. Yaacov BlochPhone:
Phone: 03-9066-327
Prof. Rivka GilatPhone:
Dr. Eitan GoldschmidtPhone: 03-9371-435
Mobile Phone: 054-7878-412
Dr. Arcady BeriozkinPhone:
Dr. Michael Zak
Dr. Boris BlostozkiPhone:
Dr. Beni LewPhone:
Dr. Efraim EliaPhone:
Dr. Moshe DenieliPhone:
Dr. Svetlana PushkarPhone:
Miss. Tali MizrachiTeam LeaderPhone:
Senior Student CoordinatorPhone:
Senior Student CoordinatorPhone:
Senior Student CoordinatorPhone:
Miss. Juliana Zohar Senior Student CoordinatorPhone:
Senior Student CoordinatorPhone:
Ms. Neomi AkivaDepartment SecrateryPhone:
mr. Sergey
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
Prof. Zvi Shiler Department ChairPhone:
Prof. Idit AvrahamiSenior FacultyPhone: 03-9076-526
Mobile Phone: 054-3394892
Doctor Itsik SapirSenior Faculty
Mobile Phone: 052-3618423
Dr. Yoel TenneSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Yuri GorodetskiSenior
Dr. Michael Ben-HaimSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Moshe BrandSenior FacultyPhone: 03-9076-526
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-297
Dr. Nir ShvalbSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Simon LineykinSenior FacultyPhone:
mr. Michael VilkiskyEngineer DepartmentPhone:
Mr. Ilan TamirEngineer DepartmentPhone: 03-9076-553
Mobile Phone: 054-7766-360
Students Coordinator & SecretaryPhone:
Robotics LaboratoryPhone: 03-9066-600
Renewable Energy LaboratoryPhone: 03-9076-525
ABMCPhone: 03-9758-905
Laboratory Transport and Road SafetyPhone: 03-9758-905
KCGPhone: 03-9066-627
mr. Sagi ManesPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9066-652
Faculty of Natural Sciences
Prof.Dean of Faculty of Natural SciencesPhone: 074-7233-079
Ms. Svetlana WaisberotHead of Faculty AdministrationPhone: 03-9066-125
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-214
Ms. Ilana DiskinFaculty CoordinatorPhone:
FaxPhone: 074-7233-041
Department of Computer Science
Prof.Department ChairPhone: 03-9066-293
Prof. Dana ShapiraPhone:
Prof. Vadim LevitPhone:
Dr. Gabriel
Dr. Dan
Dr. Dror TobiPhone:
Prof. Elad HorevPhone:
Dr. Anat
Dr. Lee-ad
Dr. Omri
Dr. Mira
Ms. Rena BaratzScond Degree Students Coordinator - Computer SciencePhone: 03-9066-104
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-836
Department FaxPhone: 03-9066-692
Department of Applied Physics
prof.Physics Dept., ChairPhone: 03-9066-387
Prof. Meir LevkovichPhone:
Prof. Gennadiy VaymanPhone:
Prof. Roman PogrevPhone:
Prof. Jakov LeavitanPhone:
Prof. Konstantin KomoshviliPhone:
Dr. Dan GamlielPhone:
Phone: 03-9143-091
Mobile Phone: 03-6453148
Doctor Dima CheskisPhone:
Dr. Marcelo ShifferPhone:
Phone: 03-9066-270
Phone: 03-9143-031
Prof. Tuvia ShlesingerPhone:
Doctor Andrey GorychevPhone:
Ms. Tsipi BiramSenior CoordinatorPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9066-395
Department of Matematics
Prof. Alexander DomoshnitskiDepartment ChairPhone:
Prof. Franck AssousHead Masters ProgramPhone:
Prof. Yakov GoltserSenior FacultyPhone:
Prof. Yuval FlickerSenior
Prof. Gershon KresinSenior FacultyPhone: 03-9758-960
Mobile Phone: 0544-292838
Prof. Yehuda GrinblatSenior
Dr. Efraim ShmerlingSenior
Dr. Svetlana BunimovichSenior
Dr. Abraham GoldsteinSenior Faculty
Dr. David TankusSenior
Dr. Roman YavichSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Adi JardenSenior Faculty
Dr. Alexander RasinSenior
Dr. Robert ShwartzSenior
Dr. Ziv ShamiSenior
Dr. Yehuda AshkenaziSenior FacultyPhone:
Ms. Tamarare ReznikovStudents Coordinator-Second Degree Students CoordinatorPhone:
Department of Molecular Biology
Prof. Danny BaranesDepartment ChairPhone:
Tovit RozenzweigHead of M.A.
Dr. Hana OkhrimenkoLab EngineerPhone: 03-9076-596
Mobile Phone: 054-5454-902
Prof. Albert PinhasovSenior FacultyPhone:
Prof.Senior Faculty
Senior FacultyPhone: 03-9371-432
Dr. Dror TobiSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Gadi TurgemanSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Stela AronovSenior FacultyPhone: 03-9371-431
Senior Faculty
Mobile Phone: 054-6350-197
Ms. Galina BaikinLaborantPhone: 03-9076-596
Mobile Phone: 052-8498-710
Ms. Helena TuchinskyLaborantPhone: 03-9076-443
Mobile Phone: 052-6177-481
Doctor nikolay gobshtisPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9371-422
Doctor Tatiana TihonovPhone: 03-9067-350
Mobile Phone: 054-8446726
The Department of Chemical Sciences
Dr. Haya KorenweitzDepartment ChairPhone:
Prof. Dan MeyersteinHead of M.A.
Dr. Rami KreigerEngineer DepartmentPhone:
Dr. Tomer ZidkiSenior
Prof. Michael ZinigradSenior FacultyPhone:
Prof. Haim CohenSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Alex ShechterSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Flavio GrynszpanSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Guy PatchornikSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Michael MontagSenior FacultyPhone:
Mrs. Polina VilkisPhone: 03-9066-313
Mobile Phone: 054-4598807
Mrs. Bela FeldmanPhone:
Ms.Senior Students CoordinatorPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9066-634
Center of Material Research
Mr. Alex KrasnopolskiPhone: 03-9066-217
Mobile Phone: 054-6002912
m Michael KorpushenkoPhone: 03-9066-217
Mobile Phone: 052-3406591
FaxPhone: 03-9066-234
School for Graduate Studies
Prof. Sternklar ShmuelPhone: 074-7233-084
Ms. liora IlarovHead of administrationPhone:
Ms. Tamar YogevP.h.D.Students CoordinatorPhone:
Ms. Renana BoukobzaSchool CoordinatorPhone:
Ms. Nina AroetaPhone:
Mrs. Mindy GoldbergPhone:
Ms. Meital HeverGrants CoordinatorPhone:
Mrs. Diana ShimronPhone:
Phone: 03-9066-298
Communications School
Dr. Tamar LahavHead of School of CommunicationsPhone:
Engineer DepartmentPhone: 074-7296-754
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-815
mr. Zvika ZelingerEngineer DepartmentPhone: 074-7296-764
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-835
Prof. Yoel CohenSenior FacultyPhone: 03-9371-471
Mobile Phone: 050-6580-224
Prof. Rafi MannSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Ron SchleiferSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Sabina LissitsaSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr.Senior Faculty
Dr. Osnat Roth-CohenSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Erez CohenSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Dorit Zimand-ShinerSenior FacultyPhone:
Mr. Eyal BoresSenior FacultyPhone: 03-9076-544
Mobile Phone: 052-3835-472
Prof. Uri KomornikSenior FacultyPhone:
Mr. Udi RabinovichHead of Printed media areaPhone:
Mr. Tal LaorDirector of the Radio StationPhone:
Mr. Amos NevoHead of Radio areaPhone:
Dr. Rami KimhiHead of Movie and Television areaPhone:
Dr. Tamar LahavHead of Strategic area, Advertisement and Public RelationsPhone:
Radio StudioPhone: 03-9371-438
Mobile Phone: 03-9076-522/23/24
Office of lecturersPhone: 03-9371-446
Ms. Rotem OhanaSecretary & Students CoordinatorPhone:
Ms. Galit MadarSenior Students CoordinatorPhone: 03-9371-416
Mobile Phone: 054-2454-513
Ms.Students CoordinatorPhone:

Mobile Phone: 0503322445
FaxPhone: 03-9371-438
School of Health Sciences
Prof. Ruth BirkDean of School of Health SciencesPhone:
Ms. Ofir AlonPhone:
Ms. Ayelet BarzilaiDean's Secretacry, School of Health SciencesPhone:
Ms. Moran ShavitSchool scrateryPhone:
Multi-line numberPhone: 03-9066-661
FaxPhone: 03-9066-624
Yael AbadiPhone:
Department of Health Administration
Dr. Rachel Nissanholtz- GanotDepartment ChairPhone:
Prof. Yair ShapiraHead of M.A.
Prof. Yossi WeissSenior Faculty
Prof. Asher ElhaynySenior
Prof. Yair ShapiraSenior Faculty
Prof. Natan KellerSenior
Prof. Boaz MonaSenior
Prof. Ash NahmanSenior Faculty
Dr. Gil FireSenior
Dr. Dor MichaelSenior
Dr. Liat KornSenior
Dr. Nadav ShefferSenior
Dr. Omer AnkolSenior
Mr. Yaron Ben ZakaiSenior Faculty
Mr. Dani KutzukSenior
Dr. Ephraim ShapiroSenior Faculty
Mr. Ilan LeviSenior
Dr. Riki TeslerSenior FacultyPhone:
Ms. Nataly GelemSenior Students CoordinatorPhone:
Ms.Students CoordinatorPhone:
Ms. Nadia IsagulovStudents CoordinatorPhone:
Ms. Oksana StashnovStudents CoordinatorPhone:
Ms. Tal WechslerStudents CoordinatorPhone:
Multi-linePhone: 03-9066-661
FaxPhone: 03-9066-624
Department of Physiotherapy
Dr. Shmuel SpringerDepartment Chair
Head of M.A. ProgramPhone: 03-9765-753
Ms, Iris FisherSenior FacultyPhone: 03-9066-109
Mobile Phone: 054-7766-364
Senior FacultyPhone: 03-9066-109
Mobile Phone: 054-7766-364
Prof. Abram KatzSenior FacultyPhone:
Prof. Meir LotanSenior
Dr. Alon RabinSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Zvi KozolSenior FacultyPhone:
Ms. Noa RaphaelySenior
Dr. Noa Ben AmiSenior
Dr. Ofira EinsteinSenior FacultyPhone:
Ms. Reut Bar On Departmenty SecreteryPhone:
Ms. Razia GilboaStudents CoordinatorPhone:
Ms. Tal WechslerStudents CoordinatorPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9066-268
Department of Nutrition
Prof. Boaz MonaSenior
Dr. Olga RazSenior
Prof. Ruth BirkSenior
Dr. Tovit RosenzweigSenior
Ms. Sharon GabrielSenior
Ms. Esther GonenSenior
Ms. Orli Ben yishaySenior Students CoordinatorPhone:
FaxPhone: 074-7233-042
Department of Communication Disorders
Dr. Leah FostickDepartment
Prof. Ester
Dr. Riki Sweid-
Dr. Gil
Dr. Michal
Dr. Naama
Ms. Avital Trao- MargalitPhone:
Ms. Chaya
Ms. Yael Livit-
Ms. Shimrit VinizkySenior Students CoordinatorPhone:
Ms. Oshrat AtunPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9758-908
Nursing Science
Ms. Shira BarthSecretary Students CoordinatorPhone:
Ms. Nadya FainshteinSecretary Students CoordinatorPhone:
Dr. Gadi TurgemanDepartment ChairPhone:
Ms. Hagar RazStudent CoordinatorPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9758-908
University Clinics
Phone: 03-9765-722
Liliya PergamentPhone:
Phone: 03-9765-777
Phone: 03-9765-743
Mobile Phone: 054-2454508

Mobile Phone: 054-2454508
FaxPhone: 03-9765-743
School of Architecture
Prof. Arc. Beni-Reuven LevyHead of the School of ArchitecturePhone: 03-9066-242
Senior Faculty
Prof. Arc. Gilad DuvshaniSenior FacultyPhone:
Prof. Arc. David CassutoSenior FacultyPhone: 03-9066-282
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-205
Prof. Ron NabarroSenior FacultyPhone:
Arc. Prof. Hernan CasakinSenior FacultyPhone:
Phone: 074-7296-677
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-446
Arc.Dr. Ron FuchsSenior FacultyPhone:
Arc.Senior Faculty
Dr. Arc. Edna LangenthalSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Ruth DorotSenior FacultyPhone:
Dr. Arc. Gilad SchwaidSenior FacultyPhone:
Senior Faculty
Arc. Udi MendelsonSenior FacultyPhone:
Arc. Dana ObersonSenior FacultyPhone:
Arc. Esdarban SerguSenior FacultyPhone:
Arc. David AharoniSenior FacultyPhone:
Arc. Daniel AzzeradSenior FacultyPhone:
Arc. Yehoshua Tal LeviSenior FacultyPhone:
Arc. Yoav LanirSenior FacultyPhone:
Arc. Yoram GinzburgSenior FacultyPhone:
Arc. Itzik ElhadifSenior FacultyPhone:
Arc. Michael RonahSenior FacultyPhone:
Arc. Moshe BalasianoSenior FacultyPhone:
Arc. Matityahu AvshalomovSenior FacultyPhone:
Arc. Oded GalronSenior FacultyPhone:
Arc. Shlomi ZeeviSenior FacultyPhone: 03-9066-282
Senior Faculty
Ms. Michal De SilvaStudents CoordinatorPhone:
Ms. Alla SidorenkoDepartment SecrateryPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9066-129
Ariel Technical College
Director of School of Design and TechnologyPhone:
Deputy DirectorPhone: 03-9066-171
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-838
Content manager, projects and customer successPhone: 03-9066-173
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-207
Phone: 03-9066-209
Mobile Phone: 054-6002-939
Administrative and Human Resources SecretaryPhone: 03-9066-181
Mobile Phone: 054-6002-181
Ms. Reut LevaviComputing coordinatorPhone:
Ms.Coordinator, Economic and budget controlPhone:
Projects Coordinator DiplomaPhone:
Phone: 0747233064
Coordinator of mechanical engineering departments, software, paramedics, biotechnology, water technologies, medical equipment, technological reservePhone:
miss Rita MatusevichPhone:
Antebi DinaCoordinator of departments architecture and interior design, industrial design, new media designPhone:
miss Ben-Arye VickyCoordinator of diploma studies, practical engineer + BAPhone:
Mr. Eitan Bnaya
Mobile Phone: 054-6002-104
miss Alice RovshitzStudent secretary - dayPhone:
Head of the Department of Interior Design and ArchitecturePhone:
Head of Architecture and design Department and director of technology prep. StudiesPhone:
Head of the Department of Industrial DesignPhone: 03-9066-121
Mobile Phone: 054-6002-163
Department Chair of Visual Design and Interactive CommunicationPhone: 03-9066-723
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-252
Metal BodaHead of the Department of Medical Devices, Biomedical Biotechnology, Water Technologies and PharmacistsPhone:
Effi ProfusHead of Software Engineering, Communications and Internet / CyberPhone: 03-9066-366
Head of Electrical and electronics DepartmentPhone:
Head of industrial Engineering DepartmentPhone:
Mr/ Dima SheindlinHead of the Department of Civil Engineering - Building DesignPhone: 03-9066-252
Phone: 03-9066-252
FaxPhone: 03-9066-162
Pre-academic Preparatory
Ms. Navit ZigdonHead of preparatory programPhone: 03-9066-112
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-809
Mis. Irena MilsteinScholarship CoordinatorPhone: 03-9066-227
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-735
Mrs. Moran Ben AmiSecretary of Human Resources ManagementPhone:
Ms. Mili Esperansa EinavHead of Student AdministrationPhone:
Phone: 03-9066-602
Ms. Ravit ShufmanStudent AdvisorPhone:
Tuition and Scholarship CoordinatorPhone:
Study programs CoordinatorPhone:
Ms. Talia Ets-HadarSpecific Preparatory Programs CoordinatorPhone:
Budget Control coordinatorPhone:
Ms. Tatiana SegalPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9364-896
Exempt Courses Section, English Department
liat YonaHead of Exempt Courses DepartmentPhone:
Students CoordinatorPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9371-406
Student Dean
Prof. Shmuel SchachamDean of studentsPhone:
Ms. Elinor EinatDirector students affairsPhone:
Ms. Anna RoiPhone:
Ms. Iris NisimPhone: 03-9066-126
Mobile Phone: 054-2454-520
Ms. Oksana RabinovichStudent Inquires CoordinatorPhone: 074-7233045
Mr. Dror GanzAdministrative
Phone: 03-7366-630
Mobile Phone: 054-3231-640
FaxPhone: 03-9066-694
Section and welfare assistance
Ms. Jenia ForshScholarship CoordinatorPhone:
Phone: 03-9371-456
Phone: 03-9765-718
Social Involvement
Ms. Shay MaayanMentoring CoordinatorPhone: 03-9765-793
Mobile Phone: 054-2454-505
Phone: 03-9066-127
Mr. Amim AharoniMentoring CoordinatorPhone: 03-9066-113
Mobile Phone: 054-3231-631
Mrs. Meital TeneCoordinator of Alumni OrganizationPhone:
Student Care Consultation Center
Clinical PsychologistPhone:
Center - Futures
Phone: 03-9371-424
Mobile Phone: 03-9143-027
Support Center to promote student
Student CoordinatorPhone: 03-9066-219
Ms. Bat Chen GuttMultidisciplinary CoordinatorPhone:
Phone: 03-9758-962
Gal ChemoPhone:
Ms. Rachel SchachamAccessibility ConsultantPhone: 03-9076-588
Mobile Phone: 054-3231-682
Phone: 03-645-3134
Phone: 03-9066633
Phone: 03-9066660
Phone: 0747296867
Ms. Sara AmerPhone:
Medlij AmalPhone:
Absorption Staff
Ms. ענת יעקובוביץ'Phone: 03-9371-407
Mobile Phone: 054-3231-675
Mr. Abebe WodegeEthiopian students coordinatorPhone: 03-9066-215
Mobile Phone: 054-7766-399
Phone: 03-9066-215
Service and Computing Section
Head of Service and Computing DivisionPhone: 03-9066-267
Coordinator of StudentPhone: 03-9765-795
Coordinator of unique clustersPhone: 074-7233-001
Didactic diagnosis
Head of the Didactic Diagnosis DepartmentPhone: 074-7296-8670
Students Association

Mobile Phone: 050-9813-211

Mobile Phone: 052-5608-246

Mobile Phone: 052-5406-339

Mobile Phone: 052-8904-493

Mobile Phone: 054-7453-110

Mobile Phone: 050-8890-888

Mobile Phone: 054-2181-220

Mobile Phone: 050-4400-569

Mobile Phone: 054-2054-882

Mobile Phone: 050-3884-828

Mobile Phone: 053-4228-102
Ms. Varochik SmadarPhone:

Mobile Phone: 054-6200-525

Mobile Phone: 050-8890-889

Mobile Phone: 054-7733-860

Mobile Phone: 054-8410-491

Mobile Phone: 054-4560-748

Mobile Phone: 053-7355-377

Mobile Phone: 052-6935-548

Mobile Phone: 054-9538568

Mobile Phone: 052-8886-656
FaxPhone: 03-9068-125

Mobile Phone: 054-2390678
Lawyer Yoram ShayExecutive DirectorPhone:
Ms. Marina CenciperExecutive Director's Head officerPhone: 03-9066-152
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-275
Fax - Executive DirectorPhone: 03-9368-891
Mr. Yehuda DercinoverInternal AuditorPhone: 03-9371-496
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-727
Legal Department
Attorney Liraz Rubin DerdigerInternal Legal CounselPhone: 03-9076-574
Mobile Phone: 054-3231-619
Attorney Aharon DanCoordinator Contracts and AgreementsPhone:
Resource recruitment
mr. Yakov Gaon Vice President for Resource Development and External AffairsPhone: 03-9066-222
Mobile Phone: 0546620344
Ms. shimikevich AvigailHead of External Relations and DevelopmentPhone: 03-9371-418
Mobile Phone: 052-3802402
Mr. Triger EdrienPhone: 03-9066-321
Mobile Phone: 054-4494885
Mr. Meir SolomonPhone: 03-9143-045
Mobile Phone: 052-7906863
Fax Resource DevelopmentPhone: 03-9371-465
Dr. Frida ShorLibrary DirectorPhone: 03-9066-124
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-447
Ms. Netali GodesSecretaryPhone: 03-9066-311
Ms. Ira KhersonskyAccount executivePhone:
Ms. Sonia GoldsteinConsultingPhone: 03-9066-311
Mr. Tommy Mizrahi Computer AdministratorPhone:
CounterPhone: 03-9066-123
IntercomPhone: 03-9076-543
FaxPhone: 03-9364-894
Mr. Meir CohenPhone: 03-9066-157
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-448
Ms.Account executivePhone: 03-9066-610
Ms. Galina BaikinHead lab technicianPhone: 03-9066-313
Dr. Boris BlostotskyCivil Engineering LaboratoryPhone: 03-9066-327
Mr. Amir BitonLaboratory RoboticsPhone: 03-9066-165
Mobile Phone: 052-3611-266
Ms. Natalya LitvakElectronic microscope LabPhone: 03-9066-396
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-853
Research LabPhone: 03-9066-394
Prof. Eitan EladLaboratoryPhone: 03-9066-655
Dr. Michael WagerHuman Engineering LaboratoryPhone: 03-9371-411
Prof. Shmuel SternklarElectronics Teaching LaboratoryPhone: 03-9066-243
Ms. Yelena RosentulElectrical LaboratoryPhone: 03-9371-413
Prof. Israel HanukogluLaboratory of Cell BiologyPhone:
Dr. Gadi TurgemanPhone:
Dr. Tovit RosenzweigPhone:
Dr. Alex SchechterLaboratory of Cell BiologyPhone: 03-9371-470
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-254
FaxPhone: 03-9067-147
Administration of Technologies and Engineering
Mr. Danny HardonPhone: 03-6066-671
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-260
Ms. Liraz Mishli Ben JacovPhone: 03-906-6688
Mobile Phone: 050-4440420
mr. Shaul Amir
Mobile Phone: 054-9730731
Leah Tramer
Mobile Phone: 054-5552716
Science Procurement Unit
Phone: 03-9066-610
Mobile Phone: 0508441713
Dana TorgemanPurchasing administratorPhone:
Maayan HasanPurchasingPhone:
Doctor Stebenev OlgaPurchasingPhone:
Phone: 03-9755-832
Electronics Laboratory
Boaz YacobiPCB LabPhone: 03-9066-302
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-885
Forward Projects
Mrs. Natali GalperinPhone:
Machining workshop
Phone: 03-9066-688
Ran PinchasPhone:
Analytical instrumentation
Doctor Olga KrichevskyPhone:
Mrs. Natali LitvakPhone:
Doctor Galina LuboshitsFACS IN VIVO IMAGERPhone: 03-9066-765
Mobile Phone: 054-7590761
Doctor Vered MarksPhone: 03-9066-686
Mobile Phone: 054-4521557
Doctor Hanan TellerPhone: 03-9755-890
Mobile Phone: 054-6002-132
Doctor Alexey KossenkoPhone:
Three dimensional printer
yuval aboulafia
Mobile Phone: 054-8354210
Dr. Aharon FriedmanHead - Schlesinger Center for Compact Accelerators and Radiation SourcesPhone: 03-9758-979
Mobile Phone: 054-7701-314
Yehiel VashdiAccelerator managerPhone: 03-9066-887
Mobile Phone: 054-6002-120
Mr. Boris LitvakPhone: 03-9066-337
Mr. Miki KanterPhone: 03-9066-256
Mobile Phone: 054-5347-323
Phone: 074-7808926
Phone: 03-9066-679
Mr. Yoram LeserPhone: 03-9066-335
Control RoomPhone: 03-9066-335
Prof. Moshe EinatMediator Certification LabPhone: 03-9066-388
FaxPhone: 03-9066-320
Mr. goris eladDirector of DormsPhone: 03-9067-647
Mobile Phone: 054-7766-368
Ms. Ilana, Amit KatzenovskyGeneral dormsPhone: 03-9069-111
FaxPhone: 03-9069-043
Research and Development Authority
Prof. Albert PinhasovVice President & Dean of R&DPhone: 03-9066-290
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-271
Prof. Itzhaq ShaiVice Dean of R&DPhone:
Mr. Danny HardonDirector of R&D AuthorityPhone: 03-9066-671
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-260
Adv. Orit TassaDeputy Director of the R&D AuthorityPhone: 03-9765-789
Mobile Phone: 054-7701-306
Ms. Yael FitoussiOfice managerPhone:
Ms. Celine Michlis Secretary of Vice President and Dean for R&DPhone:
Ms. Tali GonenResearch Analyst CoordinatorPhone: 03-9758-906
Ms. Alona Ben AyunHead of Research Liaison OfficePhone:
Mrs. Alla DekhtyarInformation Specialist & Funding Opportunities CoordinatorPhone:
Ms. Michal Shainberger Research Training and Developmen CoordinationPhone:
Ms. Efrat TagherHead of Research Budget ManagementPhone: 03-9066-672
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-852
Ms. Tanya Karpachev Budget Officer (Contracts Management)Phone:
Mrs. Sara Nagar Budget Officer (Scholarship Management)Phone:
Ms. Anastasia Cherniavski IT CoordinatorPhone:
Dr. Michael MaozLInguistic Science EditorPhone:
Ms. Ayelet Benkovitz Research CoordinatorPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9066-621
Institute for Translational Research
Dr. Igor KomanDirector of Institute for Translational ResearchPhone: 03-9143-033
Mobile Phone: 054-6848846
Mrs. Mishel SosenkoAdministrative managerTranslational ResearchPhone: 03-9143-033
Mobile Phone: 054-3394814
Mrs. Kristina Art EstrahAdministrative assistantPhone:
Projects Department
Mis. Maya OronDepartment DirectorPhone:
Ms. Ayelet ShmelzmanPhone:
Mr. Nikolay YsupovBudgetsPhone:
Mis. Elinor SarafProcurementPhone:
Oren SharonProject ManagerPhone:
Mr. Yehodit DrayerDevelopment and TrainingPhone:
Ms. Zohar AkermanCoordinator of projectsPhone:
Sharon DayanCoordinator of ProjectsPhone:
Haim MitranyTechnical CheckerPhone:
Shani NahumCoordinator of the project of coursewarePhone:
FaxPhone: 03-7448-162
Human Resources Department
Mr. Yaron HaritanDirector of HR and Deputy Executive DirectorPhone: 03-9066-216
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-477
Mrs. Tahel Ben MoshePhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9364-481
Computing and Control Division
Mr. Zeev VeltsHead of Control and ComputingPhone: 03-9371-477
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-279
Ms. Gorelik SvetlanaPhone:
Ms. Noa SharonControl and Computing / Budget operatorPhone:
Wage record and report generation
Mr. Ashi ShtaifHead of Payroll divisionPhone: 03-9066-247
Mobile Phone: 054-2454-515
Ms. Liraz TomarHead of Faculty divisionPhone: 03-9066-283
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-299
Ms. Eidit ZagaPayroll controllerPhone: 03-9066-145
Mobile Phone: 054-3231-662
Ms. Lena OlkhovPayroll CoordinatorPhone:
Ms. Bella IsakovPayroll controllerPhone: 03-9066-367
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-850
Ms. Orna BabiliamPhone: 03-9758-931
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-740
Individual and Welfare Division
Ms. Malka GavraHead of Staff Social ServicesPhone: 03-9066-356
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-278
Mrs. Galit AharonovichPhone: 074-7296-452
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-289
Culture and Events Division
Ms. Becky AzriaHead of Cultural activitiesPhone: 03-9066-622
Mobile Phone: 054-2454-507
Recruiting, training and integration Division
Ms. Ayelet GevaHead of Recruitment, Absorption, Training and Education programsPhone: 03-9371-478
Mobile Phone: 054-2454-509
Ms. Hadass SnirCoordinator of recruitment and trainingPhone:
Ms. Pninit Ben AyunCoordinator of recruitment and trainingPhone:
Service and Quality Control Division
Ms. Liron MeshulamHead of Quality and Services controlPhone: 03-9758-967
Mobile Phone: 050-8425-735
Department of Business Development & Finance
Bar navon MotziVP Business Development and Finance - Department ManagerPhone: 03-9066-182
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-452
Cohen TamiSecretary of the department and the operator of the budgetPhone: 03-9066-185
Mobile Phone: 054-2454-521
Ms. Liel KoganHead of Business DevelopmentPhone:
Nes ItayPhone:
Phone: 074-7233-065
Finance Department
Mr.Deputy Executive Director of FinancePhone: 03-9066-248
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-478
Ms.Secretary, Finance DivisionPhone:
Ms.ControllerPhone: 074-7233083
Mobile Phone: 054-2454-503
FaxPhone: 03-9366-530
Accounting Department
Ms.Head Accounting managerPhone:
Ms. Tatyana BerezovskiAccounting ManagerPhone:
Ms. Elena KravetsAccounting ManagerPhone:
Ms.Accounting ManagerPhone:
Ms. Raya RoyzenturPhone:
Ms. Mazal MogosAccounting ManagerPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9371-491
Economic Department and Institutional Collection
Anna SpectorPhone:
Suppliers and Banks Division
Ms. Feli IsraelHead of Suppliers and BanksPhone: 03-9066-254
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-801
Ms.Accounting ManagerPhone:
Ms. Marina GossAccounting ManagerPhone: 074-7296657
Ms. Maya MishoriAccounting ManagerPhone:
Budgets Department
Ms. Michal TurgemanHead of Budget DepartmentPhone: 03-9066-303
Mobile Phone: 054-2454-519
Ms. Sarit LeybovichAccount executivePhone: 03-9066-211
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-771
Ms. Oxana PasternakAccount executivePhone:
Phone: 03-9371-412
Computing and Control Division
Ms.Head of Tuition computing controlPhone:
Tuition Division
Phone: 03-9066-696
Mobile Phone: 054-2454-512
Ms. Fitoussi YaelTuition AdvisorPhone:
Ms. Shira HalachmiTuition AdvisorPhone:
Phone: 03-9066-200
Phone: 03-9066-200
Phone: 03-9066-200
Head of Section tuition
Ms. Sariel ShatyHead of Administration Tuition DivisionPhone:
Phone: 03-9066200
Phone: 03-9066200
RonenPhone: 03-9066200
Phone: 03-9066200
Phone: 03-9066200
Marketing and Advertising
Ms. Einat DayanDirector of Marketing and AdvertisementPhone: 03-9066-167
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-443
Ms.Phone: 03-9066-236
Mobile Phone: 054-3394873
Mr. Sarel HalpertComputing RefereePhone: 03-9765-759
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-898
Ms. Oshrat GlassMarketing Communications ManagerPhone: 03-9755-811
Mobile Phone: 053-6067-341
FaxPhone: 03-9367-113
Career Management Center
Ossi RolentInstitutional Marketing ManagerPhone: 03-9758-936
Mobile Phone: 054-6002-108
Or HohmanPhone:
Info Center
Mrs Noy AppelDirector of Information CenterPhone:
Phone: 03-9066-265
Information - Toll-Free NumberPhone: 1800-660-660
Center of Learning consultancy
Mr. Omri HalachmiDirector of Sales CenterPhone:
Mr. Ofir ShechStudy AdvisorPhone:
Mr. Yair Bar-NivStudy AdvisorPhone:
Study AdvisorPhone:
Study AdvisorPhone: 074-723-3086
Study AdvisorPhone: 074-723-3088
Study AdvisorPhone: 03-907-6562
Study AdvisorPhone:
Study AdvisorPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9076-541
Mr. Yishay LevcovichDirector of Computer DepartmentPhone: 074-7808-900
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-463
Ms. Frieda GoldbergSecretary and Budget operatorPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9364-885
Technical Support
Mr. Ariel TimsitHead of Technical SupportPhone: 03-9758-999
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-427
Phone: 03-9758-999
Information Technology Systems
Mr. Haritan EladStudent SupportPhone:
Mr. Elad YankovichHead of Information Services TeamPhone:
Ms. Ruth GambumHead of Support and ImplementationPhone:
Irina BabushkinComplex and chief administrative systemsPhone:
Ms. Elena KarasikovImplementing information systemsPhone:
Ms. Shani KribyanImplementing information systemsPhone:
Ms. Nastya KuzminskiImplementing information systemsPhone:
Ms. Revital LeviPriority and chief administrative systemsPhone:
Ms. Lital Raz OsmoInformation systems supportPhone:
Ms. Sivan YasharofInformation systems supportPhone:
Ms. Sinai MoriaInformation systems supportPhone:
Mr. Shimon MeltserHead of Web ApplicationsPhone: 03-9758-999
Mobile Phone: 054-2454-504
Ms. Anna FarberImplementing web applicationsPhone:
Mesika NoraWebMasterPhone:
Ms. Ditur OrtalDirector of Quality and Software TestingPhone:
Miss. Siva GrillLong-Distance LearningPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-9068-904
Mr. Omer ArphiMaintenance ManagerPhone: 03-9066-156
Mobile Phone: 054-7766-363
Ms. Olga HazanovSecretaryPhone: 03-9066-155
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-242
Ms. Svetlana IsakovAccount executivePhone:
Fax of Account executivePhone: 03-9066-223
Na'ama Raz ArdenPhone:
Mr.StoragePhone: 03-9066-160
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-223
Ms. Sonia FanshtenCleaning Supervisor (Lower Campus)Phone: 03-9066-342
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-221
Ms. Irina LeibovichCleaning Supervisor (Upper Campus)Phone: 03-9066-342
Mobile Phone: 054-6900-624
Mr. Alex OrlovskiEngineerPhone: 03-9371-474
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-239
Boris Robert
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-887
Roy MoradPhone:
Phone: 074-7233-057
FaxPhone: 03-9364-892
Mr. Boaz FranckeDirector of Administration DivisionPhone: 03-9755-888
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-453
Ms. Merav BenyHead of Administration, Logistics and BudgetPhone: 03-9066-170
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-461
Ms. Reut CohenGraphic ArtistPhone: 03-9066-122
Mobile Phone: 054-7701-305
Ms. Ortal ShayovitchGraphic ArtistPhone:
Ms. Oksana ArtAdministration Graphic DesignerPhone:
Ms. Efrat AntmanConference ProducerPhone:
Ms. Sveta CabelAdministration SecretaryPhone:
Ariel University PressPhone: 03-9066-189
Ms. Iris NevoSwitchboardPhone: 03-9066-111
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-425
Ms. Noga Marel-NevoSwitchboardPhone: 03-9066-111
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-424
Fax, Switchboard RoomPhone: 03-9365-901
Ms. Shula SassonMail RoomPhone:
Mr. Moris AmarPhotocopyingPhone:
Mr. Boaz SimhiPhotography & VideoPhone: 03-9371-485
Mobile Phone: 054-2454-510
Mr. Sholi HeldiHead of an audiovisualPhone: 03-9765-796
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-470
Mr. Eshkol SimchiRunning budgetPhone: 03-9066-102
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-474
Mr. Gilad ShulmanPhone: 03-9371-495
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-883
Ms. Daria AdamovichPurchase referentPhone: 074-7233-074
Mobile Phone: 054-6002-179
FaxPhone: 03-9066-355
Mr. Arie Ben- TovimDirector of TransportationPhone: 03-9066-147
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-445
Mr. Itzik YarchiDriver
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-471
Mr. Yosi TeiryDriver
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-472
Mr. Ofer ShemueliDriver
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-473
FaxPhone: 03-9066-263
Security department
Mr.Head of Security DepartmentPhone: 03-9066-187
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-457
Amir LevitSecurity CoordinatorPhone:
Mobile Phone: 053-2202-391
Commander of on-call unit
Mobile Phone: 053-7201-015

Mobile Phone: 053-7757-579
Head of Medics
Mobile Phone: 053-7203-726
PolicePhone: 03-9066-100
EMS (MADA)Phone: 03-9066-101
Fire DepartmentPhone: 03-9066-102
Ariel telephone cenerPhone: 03-9061-620
Research and Development Center of Samaria
Dr. Miriam BilligManager of the CenterPhone: 03-9076-136
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-406
SecretaryPhone: 03-9066-140
Dr. Yaakov AnkerDirector of Studies - Land Water & EnvironmentPhone: 03-9371-490
Mr. Alexander GinsburgWater EngineerPhone: 03-9066-235
FaxPhone: 03-9366-834
Ariel Corporation
love LarryGeneral Manager, CEOPhone: 03-9755-896
Mobile Phone: 052-8749-020
Director of Busniess DevelopmentPhone: 03-9371-497
Mobile Phone: 054-5561-072
Doctor Yitshak FrancisPhone: 03-9758-995
Mobile Phone: 054-8771-119
Ms. Lena KuzminskyBudget & Control ManagerPhone: 03-9755-835
Ms. Inna RaskinPatent CoordinatorPhone: 03-9755-843
Mobile Phone: 054-7740-253
Yosefit RachamimOffice ManagerPhone:
Continuing Education and Extramural Studies
Ms.Head of Continuing educationPhone: 03-7407-207
Mobile Phone: 054-7776-467
Ms. Merav YecheskelPhone: 074-7233076
Mobile Phone: 054-3394-725
Ms. Levy RachelMarketing CoordinatorPhone:
Mrs. Limor Ben DavidPrograms and Operations CoordinatorPhone:
Liz MellulOperations and Logistics CoordinatorPhone:
Mrs. Moria Zilberman- GolanDirector of sales & MarketingPhone:
Mrs. Elena MonovitchBudget & Purchasing operatorPhone:
Mrs. Michal KotlerFinancial CoordinatorPhone:
Mr. Yaaf Ederistudying adviserPhone:
Mrs. Shir Kanevskystudying adviserPhone:
FaxPhone: 03-7448-166
Mr.Cafeteria - Architecture Building
Mobile Phone: 054-3333-863
Cafeteria (Eden) - Executive Building
Mobile Phone: 054-3333-863
Cafeteria - Raab Building
Mobile Phone: 054-3333-863
Cafeteria (Bell)- Next To Academic Preparatory School
Mobile Phone: 054-2400-540
Menta- Building 102 (Dorms)Phone: 03-9067-113
Shomron Regional Council
Ms. Yael SabatoCoordinator - Center for EntrepreneurshipPhone: