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Head of Institute

Personal and research labs

Prof. Alex Schechter head of Electrochemistry Lab. Prof. Idit Avrahami head of Laboratory for coupled Fluid dynamics. Prof. Barak Amizure head of Desalination lab. Prof. Marina Nisnevitch head of Environmental Biotechnology Engineering lab. Prof. Moshe Einat head of High power millimeter wave gyrotrons and their applications laboratory. Prof. Yossef Pinhasi head of Wireless communications, remote sensing and radars Dr. Itsik Sapir, Head of Thermodynamics lab. Dr.

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We are looking for excellent candidates for M.Sc. and Ph.D. studies, as well as postdoc positions in all our research fields. Please send your CV to the head of the lab directly.

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Scientific Publications

Refereed Papers in Professional Journals Books/ Chapters Patents Conference Proceedings Refereed Papers in Professional Journals N. Tzabar and G. Grossman. Nitrogen, methane, and ethane sorption on activated carbon. Cryogenics, 51, 499-508 (2011) N. Tzabar and G. Grossman. Analysis of an activated-carbon Sorption Compressor operating with gas mixtures. Cryogenics, 52, 491-499 (2012) N. Tzabar and A.

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Fields of research

Fuel cells – advanced materials methanol and hydrogen-based fuel cell prototypes. Research on reactions, material and installations for local production of hydrogen for fuel cells for transportation, hydrogen storage. Biological fuel cells Electrochemistry – Methods of chemical energy storage, active ingredients for converting chemical energy directly to electricity from biological sources Hydrogen generators Hydrogen production

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Programmable Sources & Loads Hydrogen Facilities. Fuel Cells Power Electronics. CFD and FE combined analysis. Heat transfer measurements. PIV measurements.

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