The Schlesinger Family Center for Compact Accelerators and Radiation Sources FEL Research Center


Research at the center is directed towards developing compact electromagnetic radiation sources (mm-waves, THz, and X-Rays), particularly Free Electron Lasers.

The different devices at the center which generate electromagnetic radiation do so using electron beams which have been accelerated to close to the speed of light and then undergone some interaction. This interaction involves a change in the velocity of the electron beam which generates radiation.

This radiation is generated at high power and in a particularly focussed manner at specific frequencies. This allows it to be harnessed for research where specific frequencies are required.

The FEL of Ariel University is based on a compact photo cathode gun (60 cm) that will generate an electron beam at energies of 4.5 – 6.5 MeV. The pulses are planned to be of 300 pico Coulomb for a single pulse, and of up to 1.5 nano Coulomb for a train of pulses. The FEL is designed to emit radiation between 1 and 4 THz. It is planned to operate in the super radiance regime.