The Schlesinger Center for accelerators and radiation devices is a unique facility that offers major advantages for the research of free electron, light and matter. These advantages are:

• A high charge high quality electron beam.

• A super-radiant high intensity THz FEL

• An expertise in the design and implementation of electron guns, accelerator, and electron-optics.

• An expertise and instrumentation for electron beam, and electromagnetic radiation.

We propose a research center with four subprojects that will exploit these advantages:

1. Theoretical study and simulation support for the experiment, as well as further study on the subject of free electron, light, and matter interaction.

2. Production of a high-quality, low energy electron beam and bunching it.

3. Laser acceleration of a low energy beam utilizing a plasmonic nano-structure.

4. Electron diffraction in matter and Tapering Enhanced Stimulated Superradiace.