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Welcome to the Grynszpan Lab!

General Research Interests:

Bioorganic Chemistry: Novel Bimane Derivatives, Synthesis and Metal Complexes

Medicinal Chemistry: Monitoring and Neutralization of Organophosphate Toxicants. Novel approaches to drug design. Computationally aided design and synthesis of biologically relevant modulators (inhibitors, antagonists, activators and agonists).

Molecular Recognition: Catalytic Dehydrogenation of Alkanes into Terminal Olefins in Metallated Cavitands. Carbocation Based Alkaline Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cells.

The activities in the Lab involve aspects of Organic Synthesis, Polymer chemistry, Medicinal and Combinatorial Chemistry, Instrumentation of Computational Chemistry and Molecular Visualization tools, Bio-Organic Chemistry, Enzyme Kinetics as well as elements of Structural Biology.

The projects in my Lab are multidisciplinary in nature encompassing the areas of Organic Chemistry, Application of Computational Chemistry tools, and Bioorganic Chemistry.


I am currently looking for highly motivated and talented students and post-docs, who are interested in Organic, Bio-Organic and Medicinal Chemistry.

CURRENTLY THERE ARE NO FULLY FUNDED POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS AVAILABLE – Candidates with fellowship support are welcome to apply.

The Grynszpan Lab – building: 4, level: 02, room: 19  –  Department of Chemical Sciences

Ariel University,

Phone: 03-975 5861    –    E-mail: