Grynszpan Lab

Key Publications

syn-Bimane as a Chelating O-Donor Ligand for Palladium(II).

By P.J. Das, Y. Diskin-Posner, M. Firer, M. Montag, and F. Grynszpan. Dalton Trans., 45, 17123-17131 (2016). 

Dihalogen and solvent free preparation of syn-bimane.

By I. Neogi, P. J. Das and F. Grynszpan. Synlett. 29 (08), 1043-1046 (2018).

Click Chemistry in situ: Acetylcholinesterase as a Molecular-Scale Reaction Vessel for the Selective Assembly of a Femtomolar Inhibitor from an Array of Building Blocks.

By W.G. Lewis, L.G. Green, F. Grynszpan, Z. Radic, P.R. Carlier, P. Taylor, M.G. Finn, and K.B. Sharpless.  Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 41, 1053-1057, (2002).

Highlighted in Chem. & Eng. News, Feb. 11, 2002; 80(6), p. 29-34, Cover Story.


Automated Docking with Protein Flexibility in the Design of Femtomolar “Click Chemistry” Inhibitors of Acetylcholinesterase. 

By G.M. Morris, L.G. Green, Z. Radić, P. Taylor, K.B. Sharpless, A.J. Olson, and F. Grynszpan, J. Chem. Inf. Model., 53 (4), 898–906 (2013).


Using Antibodies to Perturb the Coordination Sphere of a Transition Metal Complex. 

By P. Ghosh, D. Shabat, S. Kumar, S. C. Sinha, F. Grynszpan, J. Li, L. Noodelman and E. Keinan, Nature, 382, 339-341 (1996). 

Summarized in Chem. & Eng. News, July 29, 1996; p. 40, Science/Tech. Concentrates.

Structure and Equilibration Studies of Bis – and Tris(spirodienone) Derivatives of Medium – Sized Calixarenes.

By F. Grynszpan and S. E. Biali, J. Org. Chem., 61, 9512-9521 (1996).