Grynszpan Lab


Different courses taught at Ariel University by Prof. Flavio Grynszpan include:

Organic Chemistry I

(2-4113210-1) Chemical Engineering

Inorganic Chemistry Lab

(2-4111530-3) Chemical Engineering

Spectroscopic and Instrumental Techniques in Chemistry

(2-7223210-1) Chemistry

Organic Chemistry II

(2-4120420-1) Chemical Engineering

Organic Chemistry Lab

(2-4121130-1) Chemical Engineering

Organic Chemistry

(2-4010410-1) Nutrition

Organic Chemistry Lab 

(2-4012531-1) Nutrition

Organic Chemistry I

(2-7211810-1) Chemistry

Advanced Organic Chemistry

(2-7224010-1) Chemistry

Bioorganic Chemistry

(2-7223910-1) Chemistry

Drug Development Seminar

(2-7230810-1) Chemistry

Chemistry I

(2-4410610-2) Civil Engineering

Organic Chemistry

(2-7112110-1) Molecular Biology

Selected Topics Seminar

(2-7232810-1) Chemistry

B.Sc. Research Project

(2-7232510-2) Chemistry

B.Sc. Research Project

(2-4142610-10) Chemical Engineering

Technical School Research Project

Medicinal Chemistry

Analytical Techniques in Chemistry and Biology – Separation Techniques

(2-7280410-1)  Chemistry and Molecular Biology MSc Program

Total Synthesis

(2-7290110-1) Course given in English for MSc and PhD Students

Coordinator of the Departmental Seminar – Biological Chemistry: October 2013 – May 2014 (תשע”ה)

Published the Manual for the Organic Chemistry Laboratory (2nd Ed. 2017). Edited with Dr. B. Redko.