Academic Process – For approval of a research proposal

NOTE: Arrange advance tuition payment at the beginning of the academic year through the Tuition Office or through your personal university account. Grant holders must pay supplementary payments. Please inform your department once you have arranged payment.

Students from abroad are exempt from paying tuition.

Prior to approval of a research proposal (“student in conditional standing”)

Doctorate students are required to complete the following steps prior to submitting a research proposal:

  • Arrange advance tuition payment / supplementary payments at the beginning of each academic year.
  • Submit a research activity report in the required format for the approval and signature of your advisor every trimester

Submitting a research proposal

  • Submit a written research proposal in the required format to the advisor for approval and signature. Three spiral-bound hard copies of the approved and signed proposal. (Students may be requested to submit additional printed copies.)
  • An electronic copy (in pdf format) must be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies,


The research proposal will be sent for review to three judges approved by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

  • Amend the proposal according to the reviewers’ requirements and submit to the advisor for approval of the corrections.
  • Return hard copies and an electronic copy of the amended proposal to the reviewers for reconsideration (if required).

Candidacy Examination

  • Students undergo an oral exam on the research proposal before a panel of judges and advisors.

Approval of the Research Proposal

Upon the approval of the research proposal by the Doctorate Committee, the candidate’s status will become “a student in good standing”.