Academic Schedule

Academic Schedule
27/10/19First day of classes
24/01/20Last day of first semester
26/01/20Make up Day

First chance 21/02/20 – 27/01/20

Second chance 6/03/20 – 23/02/20

First semester Tests
08/03/2020First day of second semester
10-11/03/20Purim vacation
7-15/04/20Pesach vacation
16/04/20Classes Resume
28-29/04/20Remembrance Day and Independence Day
01/06/20Student day

Sunday 14/06/20

Sunday 21/06/20

Make up Day
24/6/20Last day of second semester

First Chance 25/06/20 - 17/07/20

Second Chance 19/07/20 - 31/07/20

Second semester Tests
19/07/20First day of summer semester
30/07/20Tisha B’av
10/09/20Last day of summer semester

First Chance 13/09/20-30/09/20

Second Chance 01/10/20-16/10/20

Summer Semester Tests
18/10/20First day of class