Required documents

Candidates who have obtained and submitted the agreement of an academic advisor for their proposed research to the School of Graduate Studies should submit the following documents to:

Note: Diplomas and final grade transcripts must be certified either by a public notary or by apostille. Original documents must be presented to the School of Graduate Studies upon arriving in Israel.

  1. Application form
  2. Notarized copies of bachelor’s and master’s degree diplomas
  3. Notarized copies of final bachelor’s and master’s degree grade transcripts
  4. PDF copy of thesis
  5. Two academic recommendation letters describing the candidate’s qualifications for PhD studies
  6. Curriculum vitae (CV) outlining professional experience
  7. English language proficiency:
    • Official IELTS test score – minimum grade of 6.5 for students who did not previously study at an academic institution where English was the official language of instruction.
    • If the master’s degree was granted by an institution where English is the official language of instruction, please provide an official letter from that institution stating as such.
  8. PhD Advising Agreement Form
  9. Copy of foreign passport
  10. Passport photo
  11. List of publications
  12. Registration fee payment receipt