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Candidates wishing to do research in subjects not listed may contact the head of the department for assistance in locating a relevant advisor.


Civil EngineeringProf. Iakov Concrete Structures
Spatial Structures
Earthquake Resistance of Structures
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringProf. Shmuel
Non-Linear Optics
Optical sensors
Raman spectroscopy
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringProf. Yosef radiatio
Wireless radar and communications in radio frequencies, microwave millimeter waves and Tera-Hertz
Intense radiation sources lasers and masers and freeelectron lasers
Remote sensing
Electromagnetic wave propagation in the atmosphere
Radiative energy beaming
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringProf. Grigory of dynamical discrete/continuous (hybrid) systems
Development of computerized methods for the analysis and design of automatic control systems
Development of systems for homing missiles guidance and motion control systems
Development of control systems for strengthening structures against earthquakes and dynamical loads
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringProf. Vladimir of electrons Spontaneous and stimulated
High Power RF Electronics
Free Electron Lasers
Cyclotron Autoresonance Masers
Cherenkov devices
RF Space Charge Effects in electron beams
Negative Mass Instability
Evolution of short dense electron bunches
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringProf. Shmuel and Nanoelectronics
Compound semiconductors
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringDr. Aharon Electronics
Particle Accelerators
Free Electron Lasers
Electromagnetic Fields and Radiation Sources
Computational Physics
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringDr. Eliyahu engineering – conventional and superconducting microwave and THz devices, small antennas and quantum devices
Experimental solid state, superconductivity and nano-scale Physics and engineering
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringDr. Amir and characterization of detectors and arrays for THz and millimeter wave MMW band ( 100 GHz-10 THz)
Development and characterization of Focal Plane Arrays (FPA) for THz and MMW band
Quasi-optic design of THz band components parabolic mirrors, lenses, polarizers and filters
Spectroscopic characterization of materials (thin films, gases, aerosols and liquids)
Spectroscopic measurements FTIR, ATR-FTIR, frequency domain, time domain
Chemical Engineering with emphasis on Biotechnology and MaterialsProf. Michael
Targeted cancer therapy
Chemical Engineering with emphasis on Biotechnology and MaterialsDr. Rivka production in microbial fuel cells
Bioremediation of sewage containing toxic aromatic hydrocarbons
Chemical Engineering with emphasis on Biotechnology and MaterialsProf. Marina of biofuels production
Removal of resistance to antibiotics in bacteria
Development of photodynamic disinfection of water
Chemical Engineering with emphasis on Biotechnology and MaterialsDr. Alex and electrochemistry
Corrosion and electrochemistry of Nitinol and other titanium alloys
Сorrosion and electrochemistry of magnesium alloys
Electrochemical pathways for sulfur treatment in aqueous amines
Industrial Engineering and ManagementProf. Shraga and Computer aided Manufacturing
Industrial Engineering and ManagementProf. Dimitri Management
Industrial Engineering and ManagementProf. Iris Systems Mobile technologies Mobile technologies in education Mobile technologies in health Patients Education Systems Customer Relationships Management Knowledge Management Systems System Implementations Internet Information Seeking SNA- Social Network Analysis Big Data Sentiment Analysis
Industrial Engineering and ManagementDr. Nir, medical equipment
Industrial Engineering and ManagementProf. Gilad measurement, Performance analysis, Productivity in Industrial and Service Processes IE&M Applications in Industrial, Government, Financial and Health Operations Ergonomics, Design of Man-Machine Systems Biomechanics, Rehabilitation Engineering
Mechanical Engineering - MechatronicsProf. Zvi Vehicle dynamics Optimal control
Mechanical Engineering - MechatronicsProf. Idit and fluid mechanics in medical systems Models of blood flow in cardiovascular system Numerical simulations of Fluid-Structure interactions
Mechanical Engineering - MechatronicsDr. Nir Medical equipment
Israel HeritageProf. Ortzion Literature: From Enlightenment Movement Period up to Beginning of 21th Century Poetics & History
Literature and Philosophy: Meeting Points (Literature and Philosophy: Common Trends)
Science Fiction Literature
Israel HeritageProf. Leah Jews in Middle Ages
The Jews in Middle Ages and in Modern Period in Islamic Lands
The Jews in the Ottoman Empire (1453-1917)
The Jewish Family and the Status of the Jewish Woman throughout the Generations
The History of the Jewish Yshuv in Eretz Israel during the Middle Ages and the Modern Period Until the 30's of the 20th Century
Sephardic Rabbinical History
Israel HeritageProf. Yosi of Zionism
History of the State of Israel at the beginning
History of the Jews of Eastern Europe in modern times
Social WorkProf. Elazar and integration
Intercultural communication
Social policy
Human services
CriminologyProf. Sara and the psychosocial impact of victimization
Gender, aging and victimization.
Violence in the family (towards women, male, children and elders)
Victimization and victims` self-perception
White collar, cyber and transportation crimes and offenders
Types of treatments of offenders (institutionalization, outpatient) and offenders types
Social perceptions and reaction to victimization and criminal activities (punishment, treatment, compensation etc.)
Blaming of victims and bystanders
PsychologyProf. Eitan detection of information with the polygraph
Psychological effets on autonomic responsivity
Individual and group differences in the ability to trust and be trusted
The psychology of lying and lie detection
Biases in law enforcement
PsychologyProf. Telma, emotional and personality factors involved in stressful and traumatic life events
Healthcare giver-patient/client communication
Health psychology and occupational-health psychology
Causes of, and short and long-term reactions to stressful medical situations
Causes and outcomes of occupational stress in specific occupations
Psychosomatics in gynecology and obstetrics
PsychologyProf. Sara and the psychosocial impact of victimization
Gender, aging and victimization.
Violence in the family (towards women, male, children and elders)
Victimization and victims` self-perception
White collar, cyber and transportation crimes and offenders
Types of treatments of offenders (institutionalization, outpatient) and offenders types
Social perceptions and reaction to victimization and criminal activities (punishment, treatment, compensation etc.)
Blaming of victims and bystanders
PsychologyProf. Meni Koslowskykoslowme8@gmail.comPersonnel selection
Stressors at work
Measures of success in adopting children
Organizational behavior
Predictors of lateness
Social power and influence
Economics and Business ManagementProf. Jeffrey
The Accounting Profession
Product Costing
Accounting Education
International (Comparative) Financial Reporting Practises
Accounting History
Business Games
The Tourism Sector: Financial and Economic issues
Chemical SciencesProf. Michael Science
Nano- Technology
Modeling and Simulation
Chemical SciencesProf. Dan Chemistry (Reaction mechanisms, redox processes, design of ligands for specific purposes)
Radical chemistry (Reactions of radicals in aqueous solutions)
Nanochemistry (Catalysis by nanoparticles, Reactions of radicals with nanoparticles)
Catalysis (Heterogeneous and homogeneous, redox processes, electrocatalysis)
Complexes with metal-carbon bonds in aqueous solution
Bioinorganic chemistry and environmental chemistry (Fenton like processes; SOD)
Radiation Chemistry
Chemical SciencesProf. Haim solid reactions of coal
Radiation Chemistry
Rocket propulsion
Satellite fuels
Diamonds upgrade
GUtilization of coal ashes
Chemical SciencesProf. Gary Drug Delivery
Drug Design
Drug chimeras as an efficient way of dual potency
Organic Chemistry
Chemical SciencesProf. Leonid luminophores — designing, synthesis
Investigation, and application of novel luminescent materials in particular for clinical diagnostics, biomedical and pharmaceutical research including drug delivery
luminescent imaging and microscopy
photodynamic therapy of cancer, and high throughput screening
Chemical SciencesDr. Alex reactions based on nitroxide free radicals
Umpolung chemistry of enolates
Synthesis and study of biological active natural products
Materials for hydrogen and energy storage
Chemical SciencesProf. Shmuel structure of molecules and chemical reactions
Theoretical photochemistry and spectroscopy
Charge transfer/Proton transfer processes
Unusual molecules
Molecular BiologyProf. Danny of neuronal wiring mechanisms
Tissue engineering of the nervous system
Molecular BiologyProf. Israel relationships in Epithelial Sodium Channels (ENaC) that regulate blood volume and blood pressure
Intracellular trafficking of ENaC subunits in epithelial cells
Molecular genetics of mineralocorticoid hormone unresponsiveness (pseudohypoaldosteronism) caused by mutations in epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) subunit genes
Molecular BiologyProf. Albert of neuropeptides in the active mechanism of anti-depressant medications
Molecular mechanisms involved in etiology of mental disorders
Development of new animal models for mental disorders
Development of new anti-depressant medications
Molecular BiologyProf. Shiri role of multidrug resistant plasmids in bacterial virulence and pathogenesis
Understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying Klebsiella pneumoniae pathogenesis
Antibiotic resistant pathogens and morbidity in the community setting
Antibiotic resistance in companion animals: understanding epidemiology, molecular mechanisms and spread
The role of the gut microbiome in behavior
Development of novel antibacterial therapies
Molecular BiologyProf. Tuvia an emphasis on ionizing radiation)) Radiation Physics
Implementation of ionizing radiation and radioactive materials in medical diagnosis and therapy
Dosimetry of internal emitters
Dosimetry of radiopharmaceuticals
Biological effects of the exposure to ionizing radiation (with an emphasis on carcinogenic effects)
national and international legislation - Protection of the workers and the public against ionizing radiation
Computer Science and MathematicsProf. Vadimönig-Egerváry Graphs
Crown Structures in Fixed Parameter Tractable (FPT)
Independence Polynomials
Unimodal and Log-Concave Sequences
Interval Greedoids and Graphs
Gaussian Greedoids and the Greedy Algorithm
Critical Independent Sets
Cohen-Macaulay Graphs, Monomial Ideals, and Independent .Sets
The Decycling (the Vertex Feedback) Number of a Graph
Somos-like Recurrences
The Family of all Longest Increasing (Decreasing) Subsequences
Computer Science and MathematicsProf. Alexander Differential Equations
boundary value problems for delay differential equations
impulsive differential equations
integro-differential equations
Mathematical Education
Game methods in teaching. mathematics
Computer Science and MathematicsProf. Yakov Equations
Non-linear motions theory
Bifurcation Theory
Differential and Integral Equations
Computer Science and MathematicsProf. Franck Mathematics
Computer Science and MathematicsProf. Yuval Theory
Representation Theory
Especially Automorphic Representations
PhysicsProf. Edward science
Materials Science
Polymer Science
PhysicsProf. Baruch Even matter physics theory
PhysicsProf. Lawrence quantum mechanics
Relativistic statistical mechanics; mass stability in Stuckelberg
Horwitz- Piron theory
Unstable systems, Lax Phillips theory of semigroup evolution and resonances (relativistic and nonrelativistic)
Scattering theory
Relativistic many-body theory, classical and quantum
Relativistic Gell-Mann Low theorem and applications
Relativistic Entanglement
Galaxies and geometrical alternatives to Dark Matter (associated non-Abelian gauge theory, Einstein-Cartan general relativity)
Spacetime crystals
Non-commutative geometry and Hilbert spaces over non-commutative algebras
Stability of Hamiltonian systems, geometrical methods. Both classical and quantum
Health ManagementProf. Yehuda and child health
Disaster medicine
Health ManagementProf. Yair physiology
Occupational medicine
Public health
Health ManagementProf. Daniel Promotion
Exercise is Medicine
Exercise Physiology
Environmental Physiology
Human Thermoregulation
Nutritional SciencesProf. Mona epidemiology
Community nutrition
Type 2 diabetes
Nephrology/dialysis nutrition
EducationProf. Offir Learning
Process of Change in Education
EducationProf. Nitza Education
Academic Instruction
Civil EngineeringProf. Nathan of Transportation Systems
Traffic Control
Transportation Network Analysis
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Project Evaluation
Nutritional SciencesProf. Ruth and Nutrigenomics
Personal Medicine and Nutrition
Metabolic Diseases
Genetics of Athletic Performance