Prior to your arrival

Following your acceptance as a doctoral student at Ariel University, you should begin the process of obtaining your A-2 student visa, as well as visas for family members who may be accompanying you. The School of Graduate Studies would be happy to provide you assistance in understanding the ins and outs of the process.

Applying for a visa

In order to arrange your student visa, you are requested to submit the following documents:

  • Photocopy of a valid passport. Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the requested period of residence in Israel.
  • Passport photo
  • A photocopy of your original birth certificate (translated into English, if necessary), certified by an apostille. Additional documents may be required.
  • A completed visa application form:…/MatanAshratKnisa_2.pdf
  • Letters from the university confirming your acceptance, and the amount of the monthly grant you will receive from the university. Students who will not be receiving a grant will need to produce proof of their monthly income).

Once your visa is approved, the School of Graduate Studies will forward it to the Israeli Diplomatic Representation Office in your home country (at your requested location). Under certain circumstances, arrangements can be made for you to receive the visa at your port of entry upon your arrival in Israel.

Please note:

If you enter Israel on a tourist visa, you cannot change your status to a student visa from within Israel’s borders. A standard A-2 student visa provides you with a one-time entry. You will need to return to your home country to update your student status.

We recommend that you request a multiple-entry visa after you’ve arrived and settled in Israel.

For further information about Israeli visas, please refer to the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website:

or go to the website of the Israeli Missions abroad:

Visa extension

It is the student’s responsibility to be aware and to take care of renewing and extending the visa.

Approximately one month before your visa is due to expire, you inform the School of Graduate Studies.

If you have met your academic requirements for the academic year, the secretary of the School of Graduate Studies will issue a letter to the Visa Bureau, requesting a one-year extension visa.

Residence permits for family members

Students interested in having family members (partner/children) reside with them in Israel during the period of their studies will be required to supply additional documents according to the regulations of the Ministry of the Interior.

Accompanying family members must provide the same documents as listed above for each family member. If accompanied by a spouse, a certified apostille copy (in English) of your marriage license is required.