School of Health Sciences


School of Health Sciences

Dean: Prof. Ruth Birk

About the School of Health Sciences

Health Sciences vision is a vision of academic and clinical excellence, while developing clinical application, academic research and combination of both, placing the individual in the center. The School for Health Sciences was established in 1999, with the aim of developing and promoting skilled graduates in the health sciences professions. The School of Health Sciences focuses on academic education qualifying broad and multi-systemic professionals, which views the individual from various and integrated aspects including: clinical, basic scientific research and mind-body integration. The education and research in the School of Health Sciences focuses on both professionalism and in-depth learning with multi-system approach in order to achieve optimal; health, treatment, healing and prevention. The accelerated progress of research in the past few years has brought about a revolution in the way health and illness of the individual and society are viewed. From focusing mainly on emergency medicine to focusing mainly on preventative medicine.

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