About Us

Ariel University, Israel’s newest university is evolving into a major institution of research and higher education and taking its place among the ranks of Israel’s most honored and respected universities.

Full research university status was granted in December 2012, making it Israel’s 8th research university – the first research university to open in Israel in over 40 years. Today, Ariel University is Israel’s fastest growing institution of higher education, with over 15,000 students and 400 senior faculty, representing the full spectrum of Israeli society. Students and faculty come from the social and economic periphery, observant and non-observant Jews, non-Jews and Arabs and are all embraced and welcomed at AU creating an open and pluralistic environment. Ariel University is also home to international students who have come to Israel in order to peruse graduate degrees and post doctorates. At present we have over 70 international students that represent over 14 countries.

AU’s exceptional growth can be attributed to its perseverance to strive for the highest standards of academic excellence. AU’s faculties include Health Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities, as well as a School of Architecture and the Moskowitz School of Communications. The Dr. Miriam & Sheldon G. Adelson Medical School at Ariel University, Israel’s 6th medical school, was accredited by the Council of Higher Education, and is due to open in 2018. The university is working hard to keep up with the growth by providing additional physical facilities and services to accommodate the staggering demands, all the while placing the needs of its students at the forefront. Numerous short-term English language programs are offered through the office of International Student Programs, including a business accelerator program in entrepreneurial studies in partnership with YEDI Toronto.

Ariel University is home to 23 research centers, including an integrative brain science center, an applied cancer research center, a center for robotics research and applications, a homeland security R & D center, a world-renowned materials research center, and the Schlesinger Center for Radiation Sources and Applications (FEL – free electron laser particle accelerator). The Institute for Wine Research, in partnership with the Samaria and Jordan Rift R&D Center, stands at the forefront of Israeli high-tech and world wine research.

Ariel University is a short distance to both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv allowing access to major cities conveniently via public transportation. Our student service staff are available to our international students to assist with integrating into both campus and Israeli life during their studies. In order to advance our commitment to international students, AU has built modern dormitories on campus that have been designated for use by our growing foreign student body.