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Middle Eastern Programs


The Department of Middle Eastern Studies/Political Science offers a summer exchange program for foreign students. The program is tailored to academic training of students who are in the 2nd or 3rd year of their undergraduate programs or in the preliminary stages of their graduate degrees, and who aspire to develop their knowledge and skills in the following areas: Middle Eastern studies, Political Science, International Relations, Conflict Resolution, International Security, and Terrorism.

The rigorous program offers a unique opportunity to take courses that will provide you with the academic toolkits you will need in your academic fields when you are back home. Each course is accompanied by historical and theoretical reviews. 


  • How to analyze national security dilemmas.
  • How to read and assess policy papers.
  • Understanding the essence of a good policy paper.
  • How to formulate an appropriate public diplomacy strategy in accordance with the national policy.
  • How to contextualize each public diplomacy action according to its operational field (e.g., international organization, social network).
  • Assessing the impact of a public diplomacy operation.
  • Understanding the complexities of Israel’s public diplomacy challenges in terms of the different levels of government.


  • The courses are structured as a seminar workshops. Each meeting will be organized according to mandatory and voluntary reading. 
  • Structured  workshops in which the students learn how to read and write policy papers with a special emphasis on Middle East contemporary foreign policy and security challenges.
  • The Department and The Middle East and Central Asia Research Center (MECARC) place their main emphasis on the practical process the students must go through − debating, conversing, and becoming acquainted with the power of cooperation and discussion with Arabic speakers.

The language of instruction will be English.


The innovative program offers the following coursework:

  • Public Diplomacy in the 21st Century
  • Workshop for Writing Middle East Policy Papers
  • Practical Spoken Arabic

Registartion to the full program is highly recomended (12 academic credits)

For more information about the program fee and for the registration, please contact:

tzophiya@ariel.ac.il ✉ or call +972-52-6696389


  • Lectures by experts on contemporary Middle East crises, such as Iran’s engagements in the conflict in Syria, Hezbollah’s dominance in Lebanese politics, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Tours and hands-on activities around the country