Strategic Management,
Innovation Navigator and Entrepreneurial SMM:
Adapting to a Changing Business Environment – 2020-21


August 02 – August 28, 2020


An opportunity to explore and test the skills in the use of financial, marketing and management variables in a competitive situation. Focusing on the exit strategy in the COVID-19 reality.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing has become a very dominant tool for Business Managers and Marketers. How do these tools fit in to a company’s traditional Integrated Marketing Strategy?

Customer Driven Technical Innovation

How to assess your capabilities, find and communicate with your end users and clients and accordingly develop your product to fit their need considering the new changing enviroment?

Why Summer Business online course?

Group coaching at each step, personal mentoring options and live open sessions with your professors. Frequent interaction with peers that will ensure an immersive and interactive learning experience

International faculty and staff who will introduce you to the very newest and most relevant business knowledge and provide you with the tools and skills to overcome recent challenges and adapt to the current changing business environment

Upon successful completion of course requirements you will receive 6 academic points and a formal certification from Ariel University*.

Interactive online learning provides an excellent opportunity and platform to strengthen your business innovation skills during those challenging times. The courses will provide you with the tools to apply what you learn to your own business context and the tools to develop a solid exit strategy.

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