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Ariel University Affiliated with the department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology offers courses in the archaeology of the region from prehistory through the Late Antique period, as well as in the history of the Land of Israel from ancient times until the modern period. The Institute of Archaeology provides the aegis for all of the archaeological fieldwork conducted by the university. This summer excavations will be conducted at two locations: Tel Burna, an important site during the Bronze and Iron Ages located in the Shephelah region of Israel, and at ‘Einot Amitai, a Roman period stone vessel workshop located near Nazareth in Galilee.

Tel Burna Excavation Project
16.6-12.7 / 2019

Tel Burna
The site of Tel Burna is located in the Shephelah region, which served as a border between the kingdoms of Judah and Philistia in the Iron Age. A fertile area that supported agricultural production, the region became known as the breadbasket of the south and as suggested before by some scholars, we believe that the site is the best candidate for Biblical Libnah. The tel’s prominence is notable in its flat-topped shape, extensive size, and fortification which are still visible today. Survey finds from the 2009 season indicate that the city was an important entity in the Bronze and Iron Ages.

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Einot Amitai Archaeological Project

Einot Amitai
“Einot Amitai”, near Nazareth in northern Israel, is a cave which functioned as a quarry and industrial workshop for the production of chalkstone vessels in the Roman period. The large subterranean cavern, hewn into a chalkstone hillside, has yielded numerous remains of stone vessels in various stages of production, attesting to a thriving industry.

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