Pottery Restoration


Leah Tramer

Pottery Restorer

The work of the archaeologist doesn’t end when the dig is over. The real work comes once the finds have been transferred back to the lab for analysis. Ms. Leah Tramer, who holds a degree in archaeology and fine art,  brings back to life these ancient artifacts by meticulously putting together the shards to (hopefully) form full relics. Using techniques and skills that she has acquired working with various Israeli universities and the Israeli Antiquity Authority, Leah sorts through shards of all sizes and is able to bring a shattered piece of history back to life. Leah has worked on several restoration projects for the Institute of Archaeology at Ariel University. Currently, Leah is focusing her time on the Tel Burna project. Leah also teaches pottery with an emphasis on the Guanche techniques from the Canary Islands.

Leah can be reached at: leahtr@ariel.ac.il