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The Next Generation: Old and New Trends among the Youth in Palestinian Society

The Next Generation: Old and New Trends among the Youth in Palestinian Society


There is sparse information available in modern-day research into Palestinian society on
the Palestinian youth sector even though this sector makes up approximately 30 % of the
Palestinian population. Palestinian youth are defined as Palestinians between the ages of
15-29. In actual numbers, today’s Palestinian youth are approximately 1.5 million people of
a total West Bank and Gaza Strip population of 4.5 million. This makes it a very significant
sector in Palestinian society. Understanding the feelings of this sector provides us with a
possible view of the future direction of Palestinian society. The purpose of this research
is to present a look at the current trends in Palestinian society. This research examines
Palestinian social trends such as the integration of women into the Palestinian marketplace
and workforce, the participation of youth in the workplace, the political influence of the
youth in the various Palestinian organizations, and the youth’s degree of commitment to the
national struggle as expressed by the “lone wolf intifada.” The exposure of the Palestinian
youth to, and their involvement in technology, will create new opportunities and trends that
will influence the internal functioning of Palestinian organizations as well as the future of the
Arab-Israeli conflict. This research centers on these developing social trends, the majority of
which are mostly internal Palestinian ones, and how they will affect the Palestinian future.


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