Jewish Heritage Department

Ariel University


Chairman: Prof. Abraham Ofir Shemesh

The Jewish Heritage Department epitomizes the worldview on which the Ariel University was founded. The department serves as an academic research center which is responsible for teaching courses on topics related to the heritage Israel and the Jewish people to all students attending the university. The department aspires to teach all students about the abundant intellectual wealth of the Jewish people throughout history, and to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of humanities and Jewish studies as an integral part of the university’s undergraduate program.

The department offers courses in Bible, Archeology, Talmud, Jewish Philosophy, Jewish History, Israel and Zionism Studies, Hebrew Literature and more.

The department also offers the courses to students of the Department of Multi-disciplinary Studies. The Department is accredited by the Council for Higher Education for a graduate Masters’ degree program in Jewish Heritage. The department also organizes and sponsors cultural activities related to Jewish heritage, including the publication of “Moreshet Israel’, a journal on Judaism, Zionism, and Israel, which is disseminated to academic institutions in Israel and abroad.

In addition to academic research, the department is dedicated to the establishment of a national center and a cultural platform of Zionist identity in the heart of Judea and Samaria to promote learning and cultural activities related to Jewish heritage.