Laboratory of Interface Science

About Edward Bormashenko

 Edward Bormashenko was born in Kharkov, former USSR in 1962. He earned his MSc in Physics in Kharkov University; Thesis: Interaction of heavy high energy ions with thin gold films. Professor Bormashenko earned his PhD in  1990 in Polymer Science Moscow Institute of Plastics (USSR). Title of Thesis: Design of the Technology of Plastics Recycling Under Conditions of Low Pressure. The PhD was supervised by Professor M. Friedman. In 1997 he immigrated to Israel. Currently he is leading the Laboratory of Interface Science, founded in 1998 in Ariel University. His is an author of two monographs, 210 peer reviewed papers and 14 patents

Professor Edward Bormashenko has 30 years of experience in Soft Matter Physics, Solid-State Physics, Surface Physics and Polymer Science. His scientific interests include: investigations of acoustic waves in crystals, study of non-isothermal flow of polymer blend, investigation of diffusion in polymers, study of phase transformations in chalcogenide glasses, optics of polymer material, investigation of the interaction of laser radiation and cold radiofrequency plasma with polymer films, study of luminescence in Lanthanide-doped polymer film, study of the polymer piezoelectric material, development of composite materials, development of conducting polymers, development of EMI shielding materials, study of self-assembly processes in thin polymer films, study of the wetting phenomena, study of the superhydrophobicity and superoleophobicity, development of organic and non-organic superhydrophobic and superoleophobic surfaces, study of the interaction of cold radiofrequency plasma with synthetic and biological tissues. He is a founder and head of the Laboratory of Interface Science.