About the library

AU’s library is an academic library which concentrates material on all the study and research fields of the institute, under one roof. The library supplies a variety of services to the members of the academic faculty, the students, the Research Authority, the technological incubator and all the lecturers. The library strives to respond to the scientific needs of the target audience it serves, and facilitate their access to the desired items of information. The library sees itself as a reflection of the academic institution it serves, thus it strives to promote the research and instruction of the institution while constantly accommodating itself to changing needs and demands.

The library has an open-shelf policy for all library collections except for: the reserved books wing, video cassettes, DVD movies, projects and maps.


Library Structure

The library has four floors, with an area of approximately 7,500 square meters, and is equipped with 2 elevators. The library halls have approximately 600 seats, at small and large tables and desks. Some of the desks are equipped with computer workstations. The library has approximately 95 computer workstations with free Wi-Fi. Authorized users only can access all the electronic resources the library is subscribed to.

The entrance floor includes the library director’s office; room for the library employees; a desk where books are returned and checked out and where general advisory services are provided; a reading and reference hall; shelves of books; reserved books which is located behind the desk; vending machines for soft drinks and snacks.

The second floor includes shelves of books and a reading and reference hall.

The third floor includes shelves of books, classrooms with computer workstations and a reading and reference hall.

The fourth floor includes shelves containing periodicals, final thesis and projects, a reading and reference hall.

The library has 9 photocopiers operated by a private company (5 on the first floor and another 4 on the second floor). The first floor also contains 3 scanners, a viewer for films and filmed lessons, 4 coolers each in every floor.

The library has a closed circuit TV security system.