Library Collections

Print material

Reference books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, concordances, lexicons, art books, religious books and more. The collection includes about 350,000 titles that are computerized in the MARC format, an avant-garde system that is gathering momentum throughout the world and gradually penetrating the university libraries of the State of Israel. All the books are assigned key words; in other words, the books in English receive keywords in English and the ones in Hebrew receive Hebrew keywords. This system makes it much easier for the user.

  • Journals: the library has currently subscription to about a hundred journals in Hebrew and about 40 in English in hard copy.
  • Rare collections such as: a unique collection donated by Professor Golani (now deceased) in the field of urban construction; a collection donated by the Dubiner family on the subject of Israeli politics and diplomacy. All these collections are computerized and may be retrieved by use of the following keywords: name of article, author and collection.
  • Final papers for master’s and doctoral degrees, and projects.


Non-print material

  • Videotapes on a wide variety of study topics.
  • DVD movies
  • Slides
  • Maps
  • Databases on CDs and online databases. The databases include about 25,000 journals in full text. In addition, the library automatically purchases all computerized information that is published in Hebrew and relevant to the needs of the AUC.
  • A database of scanned articles. The repository includes articles ordered by lecturers as part of their bibliographies. All the articles are computerized and can be retrieved according to three sets of keywords: name of lecturer, name of article and name of author.
  • 30 laptops (portable computers) that are loaned out to the students for a week at a time.