Library Services

  • Borrowing books: students and faculty members may check out books after they create a reader’s library card by displaying an ID and leaving a deposit of 600 NIS, which is returned when the card is closed. Usually, textbooks and reference books may be borrowed for a week while prose and poetry may be borrowed for a month. Sometimes the library restricts the loan period of books that are in great demand. Certain reference books like encyclopedias, lexicons, dictionaries, religious books, series and more may not be borrowed at all. Reserved books are borrowed at the end of the day and returned the next morning or after the weekend.
  • Automatic extension of book loan period: The library has an automatic extension of book loan period service.
    The automatic extension is being performed every morning which extend the loan period in 1 day, if the book was not ordered by nother reader.
    The reader has the responsibility to check continually if an extension has being made.
  • Reservations: Readers may reserve items currently on loan. Once the book is returned, the library will send the reader at the top of the queue a text message notifying him/her that the item will be available for the next 48 hours. If the reader does not collect the item by this time it will be made available to the next in turn.
  • Loaning of laptops: The library has 30 laptops that are loaned to students for a one-week period.
  • Reference services: The Reference Department assists all those who ask for help (students and lecturers) in retrieving sources in the library’s databases. Users can turn to them throughout the day. About five times a week, the library runs organized guidance lectures for groups on information retrieval from the electronic databases. These tutorials are held in the mornings and evenings throughout the year. Users can sign up for these tutorials at the Circulation Counter and there is no limit to how many times they can participate in the lectures.
  • Wireless Network: The library provides wireless services accessed via laptop or any other device with Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Access to databases from outside the library: students and lecturers of the institution have access to the databases outside the walls of the library. They can call the library for assistance in using these databases until 21:00 during the week.
  • Films & recorded classes: The library’s collection of movies and recorded classes is available to readers (The collection of recorded classes includes select classes given by AUC lecturers and recorded by the Ariel University .)
  • Inter-library loans: The library carries out inter-library loans as a service to lecturers.
  • Cloud print service: Readers can print from any laptop or cellphone. click here to enter the cloud print web site.
  • Online softwares: For your convenience several online softwares can be accssed from the campus and also from outside the library.