Dr. Lihi (Naamani) Dery


Lecturer at the Industrial Engineering and Management Department at Ariel University.

Pen Name: Lihi Naamani-Dery. Maiden name: Lihi Naamani


PhD (2015). Dissertation: Preference Elicitation for Group Decisions Using Voting Theory. Advisors: Dr Meir KalechProf. Lior Rokach and Prof. Bracha Shapira.

MsC (2008). Thesis: Cost Sensetive Active Learing for Data Mining. Advisors: Prof. Lior Rokach and Dr. Armin Shmilovici.

I completed both my graduate and undergraduate studies at the Department of Information Systems Engineering at Ben Gurion University.

Research Interests

I am a data scientist interested in the design and analysis of machine learning and data mining algorithms for information extraction and information retrieval. With a focus on group decision making and group recommender systems and their relation with computational social choice: voting theory, iterative voting processes and manipulations.