Seminars 2006-2007

 Date  Lecturer  Topic
05/02/2007 E.Berezansky

Ben-Gurion University, Israel

Nonoscillation and stability for delay differential equantions.
22/01/2007 E. Barsky
Ariel University, Israel
Mathematical Models of Cascade Separation Processes.


A mathematical model presented in this paper describes the
separation of pourable materials into two components. We prove that there is
a quantitative convergence of each grain-size class at every stage of
separation and obtain a calculation formula for finding the degree of
fractional extraction for each narrow class. Further we consider the
gravitational separation process as an absorbing Markov chain.
Separation processes are important for protecting the environment from
fine dust. A solution to this problem lies in the removal of fine particles
from the raw material, which can then be transported or processed further
without causing atmospheric pollution.

08/01/2007 Prof. Yakar Kannai
Weizmann Instutute of Science, Rehovot
Explicit Fundamental Solutions,
Analytic Continuation, and Special FunctionsAbstract:A well-known method for obtaining fundamental
solutions for hyperbolic equations is to analytically
continue expressions known for the  elliptic case.
Another approach uses transforms.
We apply both methods to get explicit fundamental
solutions for various degenerate second order wave
operators from corresponding degenerate elliptic ones.
Various classical special functions appear, and
relationships between them are discovered when one
solves the equations in more than one way.This is joint work with R. Beals.
13/11/2006 Prof. G. Belitski

Ben-Gurion University, Israel

Systems of linear differential equations on the line in the space of C-infinity functions ( with I.Lerman)