Dr. Chen Friedberg

Dr. Chen Friedberg
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Governance | Israeli Politics | Parliaments | The Knesset | Elections | Women in Politics

Dr. Chen Friedberg received her Ph.D from the Hebrew University in 2008. She is a senior lecturer in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science at Ariel University and a research fellow in the Israel Democracy Institute. Her areas of research are Israeli politics, especially the Knesset and its functions, Israeli politics, women representation and elections. She published articles and books chapters on parliamentary oversight, legislative committees, women representation and participation in the general and the municipal elections in Israel.

Among her publications:


Shapira, Assaf, Ofer Kenig, Chen Friedberg and Reut Itzkovich-Malka (2016). The Representation of Women in Israeli Politics – A Comparative Perspective. Jerusalem: The Israel Democracy Institute.

Friedberg, Chen and Reuven Hazan. (2009). Parliamentary Oversight of the Government in Israel: The Current State of Affairs and Proposals for Reform. Jerusalem: The Israel Democracy Institute [In Hebrew].

Books Chapters:

Hazan, Reuven, Y. and Chen Friedberg (2018). “The Legislative Branch in Israel”. In Dowty, Alan, Reuven Hazan, Menachem Hofnung and Gideon Rahat (EDs.) The Oxford Handbook of Israeli Politics and Society: Oxford University Press.

Hazan, Reuven, Y. and Chen Friedberg (2018). “Parliamentary Politics and Israeli Political Parties”. In Petres, Joel and Rob Pinfold (EDs.). Understanding Israel: Political, Social and Security Challenges, London: Routledge.

Itzkovich-Malka, Reut and Chen Friedberg (2018).”Women Participation in Israel:  A Century of Political Involvement”. In Global Handbook on Women’s Political Rights. London/New York: Palgrave.


Itzkovich-Malka, Reut and Chen Friedberg. (2018). “Gendering Security: The Substantive Representation of Women in the Israeli Parliament”. European Journal of Women Studies 25 (4) – 419-439

Atmor, Nir and Chen Friedberg (2016). “Who Turned Out at the Polls? Socioeconomic and Geographic Perspectives on 2015 Voter Turnouts in Israel”. Israel Affairs 22 (3-4), pp’ 597-612.

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