MECARC’s 1st Annual International Conference

The Middle East 2020

Reshaping Identities, Societies and States

April 21-23, 2020*

Will be held at Ariel University and at the Tel Aviv branch of Ariel University, Israel

Call for Papers

In the past decade, the Middle East has experienced significant changes. Following the regional upheavals that were expressed in protests, violent acts, and the retirement of several long-time rulers, the time has come to discuss old and new issues in a fragile and unstable reality.Questions such as the future of the nation-state, regional and tribal identities, human rights, power struggles between Sunna and Shia, the awakening of Salafism, and the creation of alliances between different actors are only part of the region’s new reality. All these factors influence the involvement of international elements such as the United States, Russia, Europe, Arab States and the UN. The political, ideological and social changes have confronted Israel with new threats and opportunities.

MECARC hereby invites researchers from Israel and the world with expertise in Middle East Studies, Political Science, Israel Studies, International Relations, Sociology, Law and other relevant fields to share their studies with our growing community, either by presenting a paper  or by participating in one of the workshops. Organized panels are welcome.

The conference main themes will focus on:

Sunna vs. Shia




Human Rights (Liberalism, Minorities, Gender, LGBT etc.)

Europe & the ME

USA & the ME

Russia & the ME

International Relations & the ME


The Arab Nation-State

Israel and the Arab Spring

The Jewish Nation-State

Iran and its Neighbors

Selected papers will be considered for publication in the following journals:

The Journal for Interdisciplinary Middle Eastern Studies (JIMES)

The Journal of National Resilience, Politics and Society (NRPS)

Members whose papers have been accepted will be able to submit applications for research and travel grants.

Registration for the conference is open for both members and non-members. Submissions are for MECARC members only.

Submissions are welcome from April 1, 2019 to December 21, 2019.

For more information and updates on the conference, please contact us:


*on the 21st, the opening session, reception and banquet will start at 19:30.