Dr. Bosmat Yefet

Dr. Bosmat Yefet
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Email: bosmatya@ariel.ac.il
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Authoritarianism | Political Liberalization and Democratization | Human Rights | State-Civil Society Relations | Arab Political Thought | Middle Eastern Diasporas in the West

Dr. Bosmat Yefet completed her PH.D. in Middle Eastern Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and, from 2008-2012, was a teaching fellow in the Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies and a Research Fellow at the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace where she served as the coordinator of the Middle East Unit. In 2009 she joined the department of Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science at Ariel University.

In her research and teaching she focuses on the democratization and liberalization, of human rights and governance in the Arab world specializing in Egypt and Jordan. her book The Politics of Human Rights in Egypt and Jordan was published in 2015. She has also published several articles dealing with the human rights movement in Egypt, freedom of speech, the Coptic minority and the renewal of religious discourse and the authoritarian regime.

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