Dr. Dan Naor

Dr. Dan Naor
Dr. Dan Naor
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Email: ndan@ariel.ac.il
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Research Fields

Lebanese Studies

Dr. Dan Naor, a lecturer in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at Ariel University in Israel, is a researcher of Lebanese history, politics, and society and Lebanese-Syrian relations.

Among his publications are:

“The Path to Syrian Intervention in Lebanon on the Eve of Civil War, 1970-1975”, The British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (2014).

“The Ehden Massacre of 1978 in Lebanon – The Creation of a Resistance Myth”, The Journal of the Middle East and Africa (2016).

“Divide and Conquer: The Consolidation of Hafiz Al-Assad’s Policy Toward Lebanon – The Early Stages,” Middle Eastern Studies, (2017).

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