Dr. Erez Cohen

Dr. Erez Cohen
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Phone: +972-3-9765372
Email: erez@ariel.ac.il
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Research Fields

Public Policy | Israel’s Economy | Economic Policy | Political Economy

Dr. Erez Cohen: a senior lecturer, a member of the faculty of Social Sciences, in the Departments of Middle Eastern Studies and Political Science in Ariel University. He teaches several Courses which deals with political economy and public Policy.

Following is a list of his publications:


Cohen, E. (2009), The Israel High-Tec Industry: No Thought for the Future.  Jerusalem: Carmel Publishing House. (Hebrew).

Cohen, E. Lev- On, A. (Editors) (2011), Connected: Politics and Technology in Israel. Published by The Israeli Political Science Association. (Hebrew).

Cohen, E (2015), Global quake– world’s economics facing the financial and political crises during 2008-2012.Ariel: Ariel University Publishing.


Cohen, E (2018), Public Policy for Regulating the Interaction between Labor Market Supply and Higher Education Demand – Israel as a Case Study. International Journal of Higher Education. Vol.7, No.6. URL: https://doi.org/10.5430/ijhe.v7n6p

Cohen, E (2018), Development of Israel’s Natural Gas Resources: Political, Security, and Economic Dimensions. Resources Policy. Available online 6 March 2018. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.resourpol.2018.02.011

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