Dr. Eyal Lewin

Dr. Eyal Lewin
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Political Psychology of National Resilience | Military Psychology | Security Studies

Eyal Lewin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Middle East Studies and Political Science at Ariel University. His publications are mainly in the field of political psychology and political sociology and focus on Israeli society taking a comparative approach.

Lewin discovered his interest in political science when he served as personal assistant to an M.K. [Israeli Member of Parliament] who headed one of the leading departments in the Jewish Agency. In Lewin’s position as personal aide he was responsible for the implementation of the department’s decisions in Israel as well as abroad.

Before he completed his PhD studies at the University of Haifa, Lewin managed a private company for business development and the training of marketing managers. Lewin has for over thirty-five years served as a major in the reserve forces of the IDF and currently holds a position in the Home Front Command.

List of his publications:

Patriotism – Insights from Israel (Amherst, NY: Cambria, 2010).

National Resilience during War – Refining the Decision-Making Model (Lanham, MD: Lexington, 2012).

Ethos Clash in Israeli Society (Lanham, MD: Lexington, 2014).

Blaming the Jews for Acting like Nazis: The Rhetoric of Holocaust Inversion (Lewiston, N.Y: Edwin Mellen Press, 2017).


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