Dr. Gadi Hitman

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Email: gadihi@ariel.ac.il
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Research Fields

Nationality | Ethnicity | Protest and Political Violence | Majority-Minority Relationships | Palestinians and Israeli-Arabs

Dr. Gadi Hitman is a lecturer in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at Ariel University. His main fields of research are the development of theoretical knowledge, nationality, ethnicity, protest and political violence, and majority-minority relationships with a specialization in Palestinian and Israeli-Arab issues. To date he has published two books on the Israeli-Arab minority (Israel and Its Arab Minority: Dialogue, Protest, Violence, Lexington, 2016; National Schism and Civil Integration, Sussex Academic Press, 2018, co-author).

Dr. Hitman worked for almost 25 years as a senior researcher in the Prime Minister’s Office research unit.

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