Dr. Merav Or Emergui

Merav Or Emergui
Contact info

Email: ormerav1@gmail.com
Website: www.agamyeda.com 

Research Fields:

Indian Islam | Indian Muslims and Middle East relations| Politics and Society in India

Dr. Merav Or Emergui is s an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Middle East and Political Studies at Ariel University of Samaria and a coordinator and lecturer in the Department of History at the Open University of Israel.

She completed her M.A. with excellence (Cum Laude). During her doctoral studies she won Rotenstreich – PhD Scholarship for Distinguish PhD Student on behalf of The Council of higher Education (Vatat).

Her fields of research include Islam in India, Islam in South Asia, and India’s relations with the Middle East. Or Emergui’s publications mainly focus on Islam in south Asia, the representations of Arabs and Middle East in the eyes of Indian Muslim leaders and Politics and Society in South Asia.

Recent publications are:

Or-Emergui, Merav. The Muslims of India and the Middle East in the Age of Mass Politics 1911-1924 (approved to publication at Journal for Interdisciplinary Middle Eastern Studies).2019

Or-Emergui, Merav. Muslims in India and the Middle East: Connections between Islamic Spaces. (article written to Zmanim– The Open University Journal).2019