About us

logo un modelThe Model United Nations at Ariel University (ArMUN) was founded by Ariel University students in 2014 with the purpose of arousing interest among the students in the UN as the most famous international organization. It is also intended to draw the students nearer to the fields of diplomacy and foreign affairs. As part of the course, the students study the decision-making processes and the different organizations working under the U.N. organization, taking part in conferences and meet Israeli diplomats.   Model United Nations is an official course of the department of middle eastern studies and political science and is welcoming students from any academic department. ArMUN’s activities are conducted in English, and even those who were initially hesitant to express themselves in that language have already crossed the language barrier. In addition, ArMUN increases the students’ self-confidence, improves their ability to speak in front of an audience and helps developing creative thinking.   Among ArMUN’s outstanding activities and achievements in the past year were:
  • A visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • A special competition took place at the university’ where the delegates of each country worked in groups of three, with one sitting in the front room and the two other teammates in the back room, while the entire discussion was filmed and projected in the back room.
  • 17 (!!!) prices in national and international conferences.
ArMUN’s activities are being carried out under the guidance of: Dr. Shlomo Ogen Goldman and Mr. Jacob Robinson.   ArMUN intends to expand its activities and to add more students to its and to strengthen its place among the different Model United Nations clubs around the world.