Foreign Policy Major


There are many complex issues that concern Israel’s decision-makers. The more interdisciplinary knowledge and the better their Arabic language skills, the greater the probability that their decisions will be better informed.
This program lays out theoretical and practical foundations for acquiring foreign policy expertise. The department’s unique nature and educational focus provide its graduates a very broad background and a special model in political science, the Middle East and Arabic. 
The program is unique to Ariel University and other select universities around the world that view the combination of political science Middle Eastern studies and Arabic as a valuable program combining theoretical with practical studies. Graduates of the program are qualified, professional candidates for positions dealing with Israel’s foreign policy in international organizations around the world.
One of the main courses taught in this major is “Model UN” (taught in English). Students receive individual training on how to handle a debate, write effective articles, increase their self-confidence, improve their ability to speak in front of audiences and develop creative thinking.
The course includes guided tours of the Knesset, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government ministries, and foreign embassies in Israel and abroad. Students hear lectures from senior government officials, ambassadors and government officials from the United States and Europe.
Students do internships in governmental institutions, such as the Knesset Information Center, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, public organizations, applied research institutes and NGOs dealing with issues like information and communication in the international arena.
These internships give students an opportunity to experience the work of these institutions first-hand. Students interact in various positions and try their hand at writing papers, such as the position papers used by the decision-makers on various issues, as well as research papers in their areas of expertise.
Each intern is assigned to a faculty member who specializes in a particular field, who will guide the student throughout the internship, and teach them to write position papers.