Spoken Arabic


The Arabic Studies program at Ariel University emphasizes the study of spoken and literary Arabic, based on the belief that spoken language is an integral part of regional studies.

The program aims to:

  •          Incorporate the study of literary Arabic within the study of spoken Arabic;
  •          Promote familiarity with the various dialects and focus on the urban dialect;
  •          Provide tools for the active use of the spoken language, and to enable the learners to be able to integrate into the fields for which this language is required, based on their achievements.

Highlights of the program:

  •          A five-semester extended program of study of spoken Arabic
  •          Discussion groups facilitated by native speakers
  •          Writing in the Arabic alphabet (not in Hebrew transliteration)
  •         Tours of various Arabic-speaking communities
  •          Meetings with Arabic-speaking students from parallel academic institutions