High power millimeter wave gyrotrons and their applications


 In this laboratory high power microwave and millimeter wave tubes are developed, mainly based on novel Ferroelectric cathode as a electron  source and  Gyrotrons as tubes. Until now has been demonstrated Gyrotron tubes with ferroelectric or thermionic cathodes from 7GHz to 95GHz with output power up to 150KW with pulse duration from 100ns to 10s.

Currently DC Solenoid water cooled has been developed for 1.8T magnetic field. It has been manufactured and successfully tested at the target magnetic field for more than 5 minutes. The solenoid was integrated in the gyrotron and was tested successfuly. Operation of the DC solenoid will allow longer pulse duration of the RF Power at second harmonic 95 GHz gyrotron with output mode TE02. The progress of the DC Solenoid can be seen here.

Contact Information:

Prof. Moshe Einat