Update 01/10/2019: A  W-band gyrotron  with room temperature  magnet was successfully tested for pulse duration more than 10 seconds with output power of a more than 10kW.

Update 01/08/2016:The solenoid was successfully integrated in a gyrotron and tested. The gyrotron was successfully tested for pulses of a few secounds with output power of a few kilowatts at 95GHz.

DC gyrotron


Update 30/06/2015: Magnetic field profile at at 725 [A] as function of Z, the  mearment was done at long pulses (~7 seconds) with water cooling.

Magnetic field Test2 long pulses


Update 20/01/2015: Magnetic field profile at ~700[A] as function for Z, the measurement was done at short pulses (~0.3 seconds) without water. Next tests will be done with water and longer pulses (more than 5 seconds).

Magnetic field with plastic


Update 01/09/2014: First magnetic feild tests at high currents with water cooling.

Copper Solenoid with water


Update 25/08/2014: First magnetic field tests at low currents without water cooling.

Copper Soloneide megnetic test



Update 1/07/2014: These days all parts are manufactured and arrived for the water cooled 1.8T DC Solenoid. It will be assembled in the next weeks and tested.


2014-06-17 Water cooled Solenoid