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The Sheri and Arnold Schlesinger Medical Radiation Protection, Training, Information and Research Center.

The Sheri and Arnold Schlesinger Medical Radiation Protection, Training Information and Research Center ( The SAS MRPTIRC ) is an integral part of the Medical Physics Department of the Ariel University. Its activities are carried out in parallel with the undergraduate (B.Sc,) medical radiation Physics teaching program.

This program chaired by Prof. Tuvia Schlesinger teaches toward a B.Sc. degree in Medical Physics. It is the only program of its kind in Israel, meeting the standards set up by the European Federation of Organizations for Medical Physics (EFOMP) for training of medical physicists.

The program instructs students the theory and practical implementation of x-rays, radiopharmaceuticals, magnetic resonance and ultrasound for medical diagnosis and therapy. Students learn the basic characteristics of conventional and modern medical x-ray imaging systems (radiography, fluoroscopy, CT, etc), and the use of radiopharmaceuticals for medical imaging using SPECT and PET cameras as well as in the use of medical linacs (linear accelerators) for radiation therapy . Emphasis is placed in the program on providing the students with constantly developing clinical and practical knowledge and skills for working in hospitals, imaging clinics, industry and research. An inevitable part of most of the diagnostic and therapy procedures mentioned above is the exposure of the patient and staff to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation (a potentially carcinogenic physical agent).

The establishment of the Center was enabled in 2010 by the initiative and donation of The Schlesinger family (Ms. Sheri and Arnold Schlesinger) of Los Angeles California.  It was initiated with the intention to establish a national information center for radiation protection in medical diagnosis and therapy in order to help the prevention of radiation-related mishaps and health damage among patients and medical personnel and technicians working in the field who are constantly exposed to radiation.

The center would provide reliable, up-to-date, on-line information for clinics and other professionals by establishing a radiation protection library and interactive website. One important activity of this national center is to offer’, organize and conduct short (1-3 days) and extended (1-3 weeks) radiation protection training courses for radiation medical and paramedical staff in clinics and medical centers.