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Prof. Amir Abramovich
The Department of Electrical and Electronics engineering, Ariel University, Ariel POB 3, 40700, Israel. Tel: +972 3 9066389

Prof. Amir Abramovich is a researcher and staff of the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Ariel University. Prof. Abramovich is the head of the millimeter and sub-millimeter wave (MMW and THz) research laboratory. Prof. Abramovich involved in the development of new technology of THz detector and THz focal plane arrays for THz imaging. He is also involved in the design of quasi optical components, metamaterial and metasurface for THz and MMW imaging systems. Prof. Abramovich investigates the properties and spectroscopy of materials (thin films, powders, liquids and gases) in THz and MIR (Mid InfraRed) using unique measurements methods. Those measurements methods include FTIR, ATR-FTIR, frequency domain spectroscopy and time domain spectroscopy. Prof. Amir Abramovich  investigats in the field of quantum computer and quantum communication. In the frame of his research work Prof. Abramovich has receive research grants from Ministry of Defense, Ministry of science, commercial companies and from the US Army.
Prof. Abramovich received his PhD. at 2001 from Tel-Aviv University. He received his M.Sc. and B.Sc. at 1991 and 1989 respectively in the field of Electro-Optic Engineering from Ben Gurion University.