Occupational Therapy



Occupational Therapy

Michal Hochhauser PhD, OT – Head of the Department

The Department of Occupational Therapy has opened in the 2019-20 academic year. The program is fully recognized by the Council of Higher Education. Graduates of the program will receive a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy.

The academic coursework and fieldwork are integrated into an occupational-oriented, evidence-based and client-centered framework, and structured from a life-course perspective. The concepts, theory and practice of occupational therapy are taught by researchers, instructors and experienced practitioners known in health care communities across the country.

Beginning in the first semester and throughout the three and a half years of the program, OT students acquire an exceptional range of clinical experience through fieldwork placements chosen from Ariel University’s large network of local and national clinical sites.  

Throughout the program, students have close interaction and personal attention from the faculty. Most classes will have about 36 students, though many of them will be small seminar style.

The program is designed to fully prepare students to take the National Certification Examination. Upon passing the exam, they will be ready to enter clinical practice with confidence.

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