A New Spirit in Higher Education

Ariel University in a FLASH

Ariel University (AU) is Israel’s newest and fastest growing university. From its humble origin as a small cluster of buildings on a hillside in Samaria in 1982, to its recent ascent to university status in 2012, AU has quickly evolved into a major institution of research and higher education, recognized in Israel and internationally.

With over 15,000 students and 450 faculty members from every corner of the country, Ariel University represents the mosaic of Israeli society: Jew and Arab, secular and religious, new immigrant and native-born Israeli.


Ariel University’s six faculties rank amongst Israel’s best in health, architecture, cyber-security and boasts Israel’s second largest engineering school. With the start of the academic year in October 2019, AU is proud to be opening its seventh faculty, Israel’s newest medical school, the Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Medical School.  Samaria’s first major medical facility, the Helmsley Regional Medical Center, will be located adjacent to the Medical school and is slated to be opening in early 2021. 


AU is home to over 30 research centers in the fields of health, security, energy, environment, technology, Middle East studies and entrepreneurship. With numerous breakthroughs in fields as diverse as cancer treatment, homeland security, brain trauma, wine research and environmental issues and firmly established at the vanguard of developments in biotechnology, brain science, robotics, cyber security and electronics, AU is making its presence known in the world of academia.


Ariel University with its diverse student body and supportive faculty, low student-faculty ratio, extensive course offerings and focus on the student as a person, provides a unique educational opportunity, enabling students to develop a strong foundation to integrate into Ariel University and subsequently the professional world.

Recognizing that there are many paths leading to university, Ariel University holds as a core value the commitment to help students from various communities where a conventional path to university may not have been available.  Honoring the potential of these students and identifying areas both academic and social where support is vital, AU has developed unique programs for students from the Ethiopian community, the Hareidi community and the ASPA program created for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), to help them acquire the essential tools to make independent and better lives for themselves.

Campus Life

The University is dedicated to creating a stimulating campus environment for its student body. In addition to the University’s sports facilities it arranges concerts, guest speakers, and special performances for the students and community.

Situated in Israel’s biblical heartland, Ariel University is the only university in the country not located in a major city. The campus sits in the beautiful Samarian Hills and is easily accessible, making Ariel University the ideal setting for students to receive a higher education.