Department of Physics

Ariel University

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Chairman: Prof. Yosef Raichlin

Physics at Ariel University

The Department of Physics was founded in 1995, with the aim of educating physicists of the highest level who will be able to integrate into Israeli industry and research.

The department offers courses in theoretical physics and practical physics, with an emphasis on technologies for the Israeli industry. Many of our graduates continue for graduate studies or integrate into high-tech industries in senior positions, sometimes even during their studies.

Special scholarships are available to encourage the students in this field.

Joint program in Physics and Electrical Engineering

Studying physics at the highest level in the physics department is valuable for engineering students.

The joint physics-electrical engineering program enables students to earn two B.Sc. degrees simultaneously, encouraging academic and practical excellence. Graduates who train in both fields have the advantage of gaining expertise in both fields.


The department faculty includes qualified physicists from a variety of fields in physics. They came to Ariel University from Israeli academic institutes or from accredited academic institutes abroad.

The fields of research range from the study of the universe to research of elementary particles.

Some faculty are internationally renowned and take part in prestigious international conferences. Their publications are published in many prestigious journals.

Student Laboratories

The teaching laboratories at Ariel University are equipped with modern and advanced instruments and apparatus that facilitate experiments in every field of physics, among them mechanics, electricity, modern physics, electro-optics and more. Students also take part in research groups in fields such as electro-optics, low temperature physics, spectroscopy and bio-physics. They participate in advanced research projects and try to find answers to open questions.

Students have the opportunity of working in cooperation with well-known scientists through the department, giving them valuable knowledge and experience that serve as the basis of success in advanced degrees.

The Department of Physics at Ariel University is seeking for Ph.D studetns and postdocs:

Postdoc poisition in Astrophysics of Massive Stars / Binary Stars

Postdoc poisition in Mathematical General Relativity

Postdoc and PhD position in observational exoplanet research.