Health promotion-oriented Physiotherapy

School of Health Sciences


About Us

Chairman: Shmuel Springer, Ph.D.

The Department of Physiotherapy at Ariel University was founded in 2000. Students completing the four-year course of study earn a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy (BPT). Graduates of the department, like graduates of all physiotherapy programs, are required to pass a licensing exam by the Ministry of Health.

Health organizations in Israel and around the world today perceive physiotherapists to be central and leading professionals involved in promoting health and physical activity. Cognizant of the developing needs of the profession, the Department of Physiotherapy is responsive to the growing demand for scientific evidence-based research and practice for medical treatment. In this spirit, the Department of Physiotherapy espouses the importance of promoting up-to-date knowledge about physical activity and health promotion among various sectors of the population. Students graduate with a solid basis of knowledge and many innovative tools necessary in their work as physiotherapists recognized by leading health organizations in Israel and in the rest of the world.